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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!

Halloween Mantel Decoration

While browsing on Pinterest, my latest FUN place to be.........I found several outstanding Halloween decorating ideas to share with you. And by the way, if you haven't tried must. It's the greatest way to organize photos of things you like......your own photos....and others. Great place! It does require an invitation and if you need one, just email me and I'll send you one. Anyway, back to this photo by LuluBloom.......great use of black and orange for Halloween. There wasn't a link attached to the photo for more instruction or anything and I think this could easily be created. A branch cut to the size of your mantle, leaves stripped and spray-painted flat or matte black. You could had some black glitter before the paint dried. Candle sticks with orange pillar candles. Bronze, copper or brown would work equally as well. This would be a great spot for using the RAZ Halloween electric candle lamp.Halloween Candle Lamp, new for this year. This candle lamp is about 8 inches in height, so if you used two you could stack one on top of something to elevate it for staggered heights. We don't have any black feathered birds in stock, but we do have some RAZ Black Feathered Owls that could be substituted. I love this mantel creation and may have to try it this year for myself. Oh, almost forgot, it has mini orange raz black feathered halloween owlsHalloween lights and a BOO sign. We do have a similar BOO sign in stock. raz orange glittered wood BOO halloween sign Happy Halloween!
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