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Greenery Bush

Greenery Bush

We have had a wildly popular greenery bush that our friend and business partner, Julie Siomacco, Southern Charm Wreaths had recommended to her creative followers. This plastic greenery bush has been in stock several times and sold out each time too. It's frustrating we understand when you want something specific and not be able to get it. Our website allows you to "get on the list" to be notified when a product is back in stock by way of email. This process works! It really does.....but sometimes what happens is, by the time a person has a chance to respond to their email that the product is back in's simply sold out again. And you must wonder, how can this happen so quick! Well, it does. No one can predict how quickly a product will sell out. Here's one example: Carrie listed this product yesterday around 4:00 PM CST. Inventory received was 550 which was a large amount and all that was available from the company. The grass bushes were sold out by around 9:30 pm last night. We're sorry that some of you were not able to get the plastic bush and we'll do our best to get more, but it will be weeks to months before that is possible. But we have some good substitutes! Here's a plastic button grass that is very similar, just has one less stem, but is also a little less expensive.
Plastic Button Grass
This plastic bush has several different styles of grass in it, made of all plastic. It's about 15" in ht and has 8 stems. It's priced at $4.75 and just came in. Clicking on the image will take you to the product page. Thanks for shopping with us at Trendy Tree, we appreciate it))
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