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Glitter Rope...Glamour Rope.....Glitzy Sticks....What are these things??

One of the questions we respond to frequently is....."What is Glitter Rope ... Glamour Rope....etc....and what can I do with it?" These are new products that we first introduced to our Trendy Tree customers last year and have continually added more colors, more sizes and styles. And to be honest.....when I first stocked Glitzy Sticks and Glamour Rope.....I wasn't sure how to use it either! But, I've learned.....and most of the time I have learned from YOU....our customers and friends. Someone will send me an image showing me what they did with Glitzy Sticks and this helps all of us to stimulate the creative juices and find more uses for these products. Some work out better than others....but hey....if at first you don't succeed....someone else will come us with another use for it))) Glitzy Sticks can be used in wreath making, centerpieces, decorating your Christmas tree, making word art or just adding a bit of bling to a floral arrangement. Glitzy Sticks - available in many colors and we try to stock about 15 different colors and have more spring colors on the way.

They are 36" in length and come 24 to a package. They are a glittered plastic coated wire. The width is 4 mm. Now, I don't know about you, but that doesn't help me on bit when I'm trying to figure out how big around these things are! I keep a ruler at my desk all the time for times just like these......course it isn't here today. When you have's always so easy to of the grands has been at my desk again! I always keep a tape measure.....the handy little kind that are small and recoil......course it isn't here either, that would be just too easy. So, 4 mm is bigger than a swizzle stick but smaller than a straw, thicker than a coat hanger. They are wired so they're flexible and you can shape into any sort of thing you can imagine. You can make nice even curls by wrapping around a thick pencil, broom handle and sliding them off. You can even insert a Glitzy Stick into a piece of Deco Flex Tubing to make a shape, but to me that's a waste of a product when you could do the same thing with floral wire or a chenille stem. Glamour Rope: Glamour rope comes in two styles - Glitter Glamour Rope and Laser Glamour Rope.

Laser Glamour Rope comes in two sizes 8 mm and 5 mm. The 5 mm size is smaller than a pencil and the 8 mm width is slightly larger than a pencil. The 8 mm width is a triangular shape while the 5 mm is round. Laser Glamour Rope is plastic coated wire encrusted with large chunky glitter. Colors are very rich and bold. Laser Glamour Rope can be cut with wire cutters. It is flexible and can be curled and swirled much like the Glitzy Sticks. Laser Glamour Rope is available in 13 different colors. We stock both sizes. Glitter Glamour Rope: Also available in 5 mm and 8 mm, round and triangular shape just like the Laser Glamour Rope. Glitter Glamour rope has a finer dusting of glitter and lighter colors.

Glitter Glamour Rope has much of the feel that the Glitzy Sticks have, just thicker. Glitter Glamour Rope and Laser Glamour Rope both come in packages of 25 feet. We recently added new categories on the website to help separate these products to make browsing easier. Glamour Rope can be used much like Glitzy Sticks. It can be cut into the size piece you need, or left full length to wind around garlands, doorway decorations, lamp post, Christmas trees, etc. You can cut shorter pieces for smaller projects where you just need swirls, curls or loops or fashion into shapes or word art.

And although this next product isn't glittery, it is roping that is similar to Glamour Rope, but covered in a mossy green/brown or brown/green coating. It does flake off some so you can expect some debris to shed while you're working with it or even in the box when it arrives at your door.

This Roping can be found under "Wreath Making Supplies, Work Wreaths & Garlands." It is available in two sizes and two color variations. The "thicker" size is more expensive.

Angela Davis at Prettify Your Life Blog has a recent video showcasing some of these products and it's an excellent way for you to see the actual product up close and right out of the bag. Just click on the image to see the video on YouTube.

When you're finished with the video, you'll want to drop by the Prettify Your Life Blog. There are simply tons of decorating ideas there along with great tutorials on all sorts of crafting, holiday decorating, party ideas, tablescapes and much, much more. Angela is a wife and mother and a jazzy crafter! She loves paper crafts, scrapbooking, wreath making, party planning, decorating her house for the holidays and every day, making seasonal yard art and many, many other DIY projects. She enjoys teaching people her crafty tips and tricks. She is a true Texan. Bigger is always better, and BLING is an absolute must!! You will find some fun things on her blog that will inspire you to "Prettify Your Life"!!! Angela is in the running for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Creative Mom Blogs for 2012. She would appreciate your vote! Just click on the button below to go to the site to vote for her. Good luck Angela!
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