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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!

Get Oranized for Christmas

Yesterday I had a phone call from a customer wanting to buy several items which was great for us, but the reason she was needing so many was that she had purchased a similar ornament right after Christmas, and now they were no where to be found. So frustrating, but it's happened to all of us. I have a bag of 8" gold balls that simply are hiding somewhere......and this is a BIG bag of balls! Haven't seen them now in over two years..... Thus, the search for some Christmas organizers began and I found several))) christmas planner This organizer is from the Executive Homemaker at Tip Junkie. It prints out several worksheets or one. You can print the ones that fit your needs. It includes a party planner, gift planner, memory planner and more. Just print it off and start a ring binder with room to add more. Just click on the photo to go to the print page. You might want to buy a package of tabs for your notebook because more pages abound! This page is from Organized Christmas and would be great to start jotting down your decorating ideas for every room in your house. The Organized Christmas site is chocked full of pages! The Deco Inventory page is something I should have probably been using for a long time now.....maybe my gold balls wouldn't be lost! More pages from Organized Christmas:

Decor Storage Inventory

Ornament Journal

Holiday Collections

Our Holiday Traditions

Holiday Memories Journal

Two-Page Weekly Planner

Holiday Party Budget

Holiday Party Guest List

Holiday Party Planner

Holiday Swaps Directory

Holiday Swap Tracker

Holiday Budget

Christmas Card List

Master Gift List

Gift Ideas Planner

Gifts to Make

Catalog/Internet Orders (Be sure to put Trendy Tree at the top of the list on this one!)

Stocking Stuffers

Black Friday Holiday Sales Planner

Wrap and Mail Checklist

Chore Checklist

Holiday Home Spruce Up Checklist

Holiday Wardrobe Planner

Holiday Menu Planner

Favorite Holiday Recipes

Holiday Baking Planner

These pages from Organized Christmas can be printed, or some can even be completed online, then printed if you like. Print as few or many, and you may want multiples of some of them. You will probably want to visit Organized Christmas because they have much more than what I've listed. There are calendars (I'm sure will be updated soon to 2011) and much much more.

This is a neat little check list called the Ultimate Holiday Checklist from It can be printed, cut and dropped your purse or just printed and fan folded.

You and print the Ultimate Holiday Checklist just as it was created, or print it blank with just the headings to make it more personable. I really like the small format that you can tuck in your purse or even your pocket.

If printing paper isn't your's some apps for your phone!

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