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February Spring Florals Just Arrived

February Spring Florals Just Arrived

spring florals February spring florals arrived! The shipment included mixed greenery, twigs, bird nest and fruit picks. They are really nice year-round pieces for your floral creations.

Bird Nest

The bird nest is made of brown twig and lush greenery. It measures about 6" in diameter and contains two speckled eggs. The eggs are about the size of real eggs, which would be larger than real bird eggs))) But, the larger eggs would stand out more on a wreath or arrangement. There is a wire stem to use for inserting into a wreath or arrangement. You could just cut this off or curl it up if you wanted to just lay the bird nest down on a bookcase or tabletop. Bird nest make good items to use in a lantern too. Just lay it at an angle so it shows up more. You could add some small branches or Spanish moss to it too. The twig bird nest in this branch measures about 4" in diameter. It's a dark brown color and contains no eggs. If you're short on eggs, you could always use jelly beans!

Fruit Picks

The 15" mixed fruit pick contains two lemons. The largest lemon measures 3 - 3.5" and the smaller lemon, apple and pear measure around 2" The pick also contains some greenery and other fruits and berries. The 14" mixed fruit pick contains an apple, pear and lemon along with some smaller pieces that may be crabapples and figs. There is an assortment of greenery and other berries.

Greenery & Twig

February spring florals wouldn't be complete without some fresh looking greenery and twig branches. The few pieces that came in this week fit that bill perfectly. The mixed fern spray measures about 20" (leafy part). The entire length is about 34" It's all plastic and contains several different styles of fern. I can't name them all, but there it Boston and Maiden Hair. The 24" mixed greenery bush is a good piece that could be broken up into several parts. It contains a variety of greens along with some plastic and some Polyester. There is also a Pussy Willow twig in there. The last piece from our February Spring floral shipment is a Pussy Willow Branch. The Pussy Willow spray measures about 36" and has a very realistic brown twig base. The buds are fuzzy like and light green color. This branch too could be divided up into several pieces. Here's another short video that shows some of our other spring florals on display in the Trendy Tree retail store. * I (Jeannie Pence) engage in affiliate marketing whereby I may receive funds through clicks to affiliate programs through this website or receive funds through the sale of goods or services on or through this website. I may also accept advertising and sponsorships from commercial businesses or receive other forms of advertising compensation. This disclosure is intended to comply with the US Federal Trade Commission Rules on marketing and advertising,as well as any other legal requirements which may apply
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