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Easy Holiday Table Decor

Easy Holiday Table Decor

dough bowl tray, holiday table decor Here's an easy holiday table decor you can put together in literally minutes. You probably have the items needed in your kitchen right now!

Dough Bowl Tray

Use a dough bowl tray or really any kind of tray depending on the size of you table. When you create holiday table decor, be sure that your guest can either see over the arrangement, around it or through it. You don't want to obstruct conversation. A dough bowl is just a long narrow tray, usually made of wood. Sometimes they are called baguette bowls. The dough bowl, once upon a time, was actually used to make dough for biscuits and bread. My grandmother had one and she used it every morning biscuits. I don't recall that she made homemade bread. She would keep flour in the bowl all the time and just cover it with a cloth until the next use. Each time she made biscuits, she would take a handful of shortening, and buttermilk. She would mix the dough right in the bowl. I could never figure out how she could mix the dough and still have loose flour in the bowl to where it didn't get all mixed up together! She had a very light touch I guess and she would work the shortening, flour and milk into a soft ball. Once the ball was formed, she would pinch off bits and pat them out for biscuits. There was a special biscuit pan that she cooked only biscuits in. Hers were the best biscuits in the world of course))) Anyway, back to the holiday table decor.


You can use assorted fruits for your holiday table decor. Red Delicious apples for the best red color and Granny Smith for contrasting green. Naval oranges, Halos and lemons for citrus orange and yellow. Wash and dry the fruit because there will be little ones who will want to eat your table decoration! Nuts are optional. fruit arrangement, christmas centerpiece


Snip some cedar and pine. Soak the twigs in water overnight to keep them fresh until you are ready to use. Just lay the twigs down in the bowl and reserve some short pieces to tuck in after you've placed the fruit in the holiday table decor. When I was at the grocery store shopping, my intent was to pick up some parsley to garnish the turkey and ham tray. But, actually, the kale looked better than the parsley and was cheaper. So, for the holiday table decor, tuck some springs of kale in and around the fruit once you get it placed. holiday table decor, kale for garnish


Well, that's it! Easy holiday table decor. You can always sprinkle around a few unshelled nuts, cranberries add color or any fruit of your choice. Here's a link to a couple of fresh greenery arrangements we did also: Fresh Cedar Floral Fresh Garland Magnolia Cedar and Pine Thanks for viewing our blog! If you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note. We're always happy to hear from our readers. Merry Christmas!
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