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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Easter Swag made with Pencil Garland and RAZ Chick and Bunny Cookie Decorations

Easter Swag made with Pencil Garland and RAZ Chick and Bunny Cookie Decorations

easter-swag-complete Easter swag made using a White Pencil Work Garland, Blue Saxon Mesh and adorned with a RAZ Bunny Cookie and Chick Decorations.


My primary goal for doing this creation is to demonstrate the size of the large Bunny Cookie which is an easel back decoration along with the Easter Chick Cookies

The RAZ Bunny Cookie Easter Decoration is about 16" in ht and it still stand since it has an easel back. It's lightweight so it makes a great item to add to a wreath or wall hanging.

The RAZ Easter Chick Cookies come in a set of three and measure about 10" x 6.5" and also have an easel back. Great for tabletop decorating or using on a wall creation as we did.


You can see by the wreath creation how much larger the cookies look as compared to the images on the website. Even though the dimensions are given, it helps to see the items actually displayed.


The White Pencil Garland was first straightened out, then doubled twisting together occasionally to keep it from separating. Then a loop was made and secured with the pencil twists leaving a tail trailing down. The shape should be similar to a teardrop. You can make the loop as large or as small as you wish and also shorten the tail etc.


Just start the mesh in the typical fashion by grasping the edges and attaching between a set of twists. Secure with just a couple of twists. I started at the base of the loop and just worked around the loop making my poufs large and loose.


Once around the loop portion, just finish going down the tail of the teardrop.


Once the teardrop was covered in the Blue Saxon, we added a 10" Yellow Deco Poly Mesh® for a little contrast and more filler.



I first added one of the RAZ Easter Chick Cookies to the center of the loop using clear fishing line. Please remember that when we're creating items in the shop, we're not making things for permanence. We generally make things, take them apart and make something else. But if we were selling this or taking it home to use for a few weeks, we would secure items better with hot glue, zip ties and so forth.


This is how the swag looked with the Three RAZ Chick Cookies.....just to give you an idea of the size. Please understand we don't have a nice place to photograph! We're working in the shop and the setting is not conducive to photography)))


We decided to add some wire edge ribbon in a new Yellow with Turquoise Edge and a Fuchsia Burlap. The Fuchsia is....dark pink and I'm sorry but it looks RED in the photos.


The ribbon was layered with the Fuchsia on top of the Yellow and secured back into the some of the same Pencil Twists that were hold the Blue Saxon and the Yellow Deco Poly Mesh. Just gently untwist them, pinch the ribbon to gather and re twist. This way to you have neater twists down in your layers.


We decided to add the RAZ Bunny Cookie at the top and use the Easter Chicks the rest of the way down the swag.


Here's the finished swag hanging over a door, so you can see the overall size of it. Now on to the next project)))

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