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Dried Hydrangeas for the Christmas Tree

Dried Hydrangeas for the Christmas Tree

Dried Hydrangeas

There is nothing prettier than hydrangeas blooming all summer long. This year, it occurred to me to try to keep enjoying my hydrangeas even though they were dead on the bush. So, I snipped some dried hydrangeas and tried my hand at spray painting them.

Fall Hydrangeas

We decorated my mantel for fall using pumpkins, greenery and dried hydrangeas pained with copper paint. Some of the hydrangeas were left natural. Love the look! Fall mantel, fall hydrangeas, painted hydrangeas When it was time to take down my fall decorations, it seemed like such a shame to toss the dried hydrangeas. They had served me well and really were amazing how they held up. They didn't fall all too pieces, maybe faded a little, but hey....they were free! Since they had held up as well as they did, I thought why not give them another coat of paint and see how they would work for Christmas.

Christmas Hydrangeas

painted dried hydrangeas. red flowers What do you think? I think they turned out great! The dried hydrangeas were painted with two coats of red metallic spray paint (Krylon Metal). Since they were different colors before being painted (again) they came out in lovely shades of burgundy red.

Christmas Tree

We downsized in our Christmas tree this year. Typically we decorate a 10 ft flocked tree. That big tree wound up in the Trendy Tree retail store as a display, so this time I took the opportunity to get a smaller tree. We chose a 7' potted flocked pine. This tree was only about 30" at the base so it fit perfectly in my foyer and we still have plenty of walking room. Plus, we didn't have to use a ladder to decorate it! The older I get, the simpler my decorations get. It's one of those things where you always keep the end in mind. What goes up.....has to come down. I'm living by that statement in my decorating nowadays. The painted dried hydrangeas fit perfectly with my decorating theme. Since the tree was flocked, we chose to just shades of red poinsettias, greenery, white silk hydrangeas, glitter holly berries, and some bright red poppies. red hydrangea, painted dried hydrangea I love using naturals on the tree, even if you can't tell they are natural. And, once the tree comes down, the dried hydrangeas can be tossed.


You can bet next summer I'll pay more attention to my hydrangeas. Of course, I can always go scouting around the neighborhood snipped dried flower heads and there for different shapes. My hydrangeas are all of the lime light variety, so they are all the same shape. So, don't be afraid to experiment painting your dried hydrangeas. If you've painted some in the past, send us a pic. We would love to see them! And, if you have any questions, just leave us a comment. Thanks for visiting our blog and don't forget to subscribe to our Trendy Tree YouTube channel. Hit the little bell icon on the video so you'll get a notification of our upcoming videos! Here's another blog post showing the fall hydrangeas: Fall Mantel with Persimmons and Pumpkins
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