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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
Dress Up a Boxwood Wreath with a Patriotic Bow

Dress Up a Boxwood Wreath with a Patriotic Bow

It's easy to dress up a boxwood wreath with a Patriotic bow or ribbon.

No wreath making skills? You don't need them with a boxwood wreath, they are gorgeous all by themselves.


16" Boxwood Wreath (sold out on Trendy Tree right now, but you can find a similar one on Amazon)

18191 2.5″ Red Outdoor Velvet Ribbon

RG01671 God Bless America Check

Optional: KB1606 Tobacco Baskets


Boxwood wreaths are very easy to decorate with. They don't need anything, but if you want to dress them up a bit, just add some ribbon.

I had decorated my lantern the other day with Patriotic florals and had ribbon left over.

This boxwood wreath hangs behind my desk in my home office, and several weeks ago I had added a simple spring ribbon.

I think everyone is feeling a little more Patriotic nowadays since we're all sheltering in and have concerns about the COVID-19 virus. So, it was a great time to make my office a little more Patriotic.))

The ribbon that I used is the video, has been sold out for several days, but we do have a good substitute for you. It's a red and white checked ribbon that should be arriving any day now.

Make the Swag

Take a 20" length of 2.5" red velvet ribbon and fold in half, lap one side over the other making a sort of support style ribbon. Cut the ends at an angle.

You can trim the ends later if you wish. Cut a piece of the lettered ribbon. The ribbon I used had about a 12" space in between the script so I cut right in the middle.

Depending on the size of your boxwood wreath, you will have to find your best placement of the scripted ribbon so you can read it. Pinch up the end of the scripted ribbon and place it to the back of your "support" ribbon.

Trim the end if necessary or just fold over. Place a piece of floral wire over the pinched ribbon and secure it to the boxwood wreath.

Make another "support" ribbon for the opposite end and secure the scripted ribbon the same way. That's it! I told you it was easy!

Now every time I walk into my office and see my Patriotic boxwood wreath, it reminds me to be thankful and to pray.

We live in the best place in the world and I have confidence that we will get through this difficult time and be better prepared in the future to handle whatever comes our way.

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