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Dogwood Centerpiece by Trendy Tree

Dogwood Centerpiece by Trendy Tree

dogwood-centerpiece-trendytree It's time for wild Dogwoods to be blooming in most places and we've seen a few, but they are not in full bloom just yet in our area, but RAZ has created a very realistic blossom spray that is new for this year. We decided to take a few of the sprays in the shop this afternoon and put together a quick floral centerpiece just in time for Easter. Supplies: F3402090 RAZ 46" Dogwood Branch - 4 F3502049 RAZ 35" Dogwood Branch - 2 F3510327 RAZ 25" Twig Branch - 2 KC3009 13.75" Burlap Moss Cross with Stakes EG2598H8 Moss Ribbon RA1367 1.5" Loose Weave Burlap Ribbon RD106018 Natural Jute Wired Roping The container we used was an inexpensive white pitcher. Normally, we would insert some Styrofoam into the pitcher to hold the sprays, but the sprays were rather bulky and instead of snipping off the ends to make them the length we needed, we just bent the ends upward and this helped to secure everything in the pitcher.
F3402090-raz-white-dogwood-branch F3402090
We started with the longest of the spray first which were the F3402090. These are from the 2015 RAZ Spring and Summer Collection and measure about 46" in length. The blooms are very realistic. We used four of these sprays and placed them in the pitcher. About 5-6" of the end were bent upward.
F3502049-raz-cream-dogwood-branch F3502049
Next we added two of the F3502049 Dogwood Spray from RAZ. If you notice on the website, the first Dogwood spray is listed as white, and the second one is listed as cream. They basically are the same color. The only difference in the two sprays seems that the blossoms on the second spray are a bit smaller and there is more twig branch in the spray. They are also a little bit shorter than the first spray. The second Dogwood Spray has a matching garland too. This would have worked well to have tucked in the neck of the pitcher and allowed it to flow down in front of the arrangement. The SKU of the Dogwood Garland is G3502050 and it measures about 5 feet.
F3510327-raz-twig-branch F3510327
Next we took two of the thick RAZ Twig Branches and positioned them in the pitcher. The Twig Branches are wired so they have some flexibility to them, just don't bend to the extreme. They have a brownish green color that looks like moss. The Twig Branch is new for this Spring also from RAZ. It's a great piece that will work in most any spring, summer or even fall and winter arrangement.
KC3009-burlap-moss-cross-stake-13.75-inch KC3009
It was a bit shorter than the other sprays so it wasn't tucked as far down in the pitcher as the other. Next we added the Burlap and Moss Cross. The cross is 13.75" in ht and has two wire stakes which made it easy to stick down in the arrangement. The moss will flake off a bit, but that is to be expected. We have several different sizes of Burlap Moss Cross, but the KC3009 is the only one we have that has a stake. Any of the other cross would work, you would just have to position them after you have your centerpiece in place, and just let it rest within the branches and sprays. dogwood-centerpiece-cross-closeup-trendytree dogwood-centerpiece-cross-closeup-2-trendytree The cross would have also looked nice secure to the side of pitcher at the handle too, but one of the smaller Burlap Moss crosses. Next we made a simple loop bow with some 1.5" Loose Weave Burlap Ribbon which was wired. The Moss Ribbon was worked into bow at the same time and it took the entire roll of the Moss Ribbon. \ dogwood-centerpiece-bow-trendytree The Natural Jute Roping, which also is wired, was double and secured around the neck of the pitcher. The long ends of the jute roping were just curled up and then left to hang loosely. The bow was secured to the roping with thin wire. I love the way the arrangement turned out and it's a perfect centerpiece for Spring and Easter. subscribe-trendy-tree-channel
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