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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Design Inspiration from the Trendy Tree Store

Design Inspiration from the Trendy Tree Store

design inspiration from trendy tree city mercantile Here's some design inspiration from the Trendy Tree/City Mercantile store in downtown Pontotoc, MS. I had stopped by the store to drop off more face mask and took a few minutes to see the new set up. Carrie recently combined the Trendy Tree Store and City Mercantile all into one building. So now you can shop both styles of merchandise all from the same store and the same lovely folks. You can still stop for great products from Properly Tied out of Oxford MS. They just received a new shipment of great tee shirts. They have new candles from Park Hill. These candles are really great. They come in a glass container that is inside either a metal olive tin or wicker. You can choose. My favorite fragrance is Citrus Grove. It has a light grapefruit smell and it not sweet-smelling or heavy. Very light and clean smelling. Even the hubby has commented on it! He said it makes the house smell clean.))) They have great gifts for Mother's Day and you can shop many of the items on the City Mercantile website. But I digress. My intent on this post was to give you design inspiration.

Centerpiece Design Inspiration

Family dinners may be smaller this Mother's Day, but I bet your Mom still wants to set a pretty table. This centerpiece above is just stunning. And it sure fits that rule of either short enough to see over, tall enough to see under and around or thin enough to see through. Yep! This one works! I'm not sure if the base is a candle holder or what, but Rachel turned it into a fantastic base for her arrangement. Here's a closer look. I should have asked Rachel to describe these florals to me, because you know I can't. But aren't they pretty! Subtle colors with the pop of orange add freshness to the design. Love the luscious shades of green. I thought the moss was covering a container, but Rachel said it was just a piece of foam she covered in moss. tall table centerpiece

Twig Cross

twig cross The design inspiration for this cross came from the lavender blooms. The addition of the burlap ribbon and lavender plaid complements the darker purple of the blossoms. Simple and tasteful. And easy to re-create! If you need ribbon, we have hundreds of styles to choose from! Just browse our ribbon selections. By the way, that's the Park Hill candle display in the back. You can see those candles in the little buckets, just lift the glass cloche to smell. Well, if you come in the store.)))


twig wreath Love the twiggy wreath! It's dark in the center and the edges turn to green. It makes a great background for the neutral colors of the florals and ribbon. There are three different ribbons in this design and if you will notice, none of the ribbons make a full bow. Just loops here and there. That's a great way to make your premium ribbon go farther in your creations. bright ribbons The round boxwood was made bright and cheery with a 4" blue ribbon and 2.5" yellow and orange floral. Again, no full bows in this design inspiration, just some loops. boxwood wreath design inspiration The boxwood above? This is your blank canvas! I hope this little bit of design inspiration has your creative juices flowing! Visit the Trendy Tree/City Mercantile store too purchase any of these pretties and shop online at Trendy Tree for products to create your own special designs. design inspiration from trendy tree Thank you for visiting our blog! If you have any questions or comments, just leave us a note. We love hearing from our readers.

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