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Decorating with a Work Garland

You've seen me post many photos before of Angela Davis' stunning creations. Each time she comes out with something new....I think, she can't top the last creation she made.....but she does! This creation was done using a basic Work Garland of white mesh chocked full of whimsical goodies. Please drop by her blog Prettify Your Life to see all of the photos and watch the video so you can learn how to make these gorgeous decorations yourself!

The big snowflake in the center is a RAZ Candy Snowflake from the Gumdrops and Jellybeans collection which was new for this year. Very popular. The Candy Snowflake while large in size is light as a feather and perfect for securing to a garland or wreath. The Candy Snowflake is sold in an assorted set of three. They are all decorated in different colors and all have little sprinkles on them that look just like candy sprinkles.

The great thing about using a basic white garland is you can remove the embellishments and re-decorate with new items for another holiday or celebration.....keep the white and add some black and silver for New Year' and pink hearts for Valentine's Day.....bright green shamrocks and whimsical Leprechauns ....glittery Easter eggs and get the idea. The basic white garland is one that that just never goes out of style))

Drop by Angela's blog Prettify Your Life. There are many videos there that are beneficial to the newbie in crafting and to the seasoned crafter. Angela also has a Facebook Group, Prettify Your Life. Just drop in and ask for an invitation. Hundreds of folks there are sharing their love of crafting, showing photos of their handiwork and are also willing to answer questions help you out any way they can. And by the way, there's a give-a-way going RIGHT NOW. I'm not going to tell you what it'll have to visit to find out))))

Be sure and tell them Trendy Tree sent you!

Thanks again to Angela and the Prettify Your Life Blog for allowing us to share another of your beautiful creations!

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