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Decorating Ideas for Jeannie's Christmas Tree 2014

Decorating Ideas for Jeannie's Christmas Tree 2014

We're putting together a list of ideas for products to use on our 10' flocked tree at home this year. Here's a breakdown of the list. We may add more or take away some when we do the final project, but it's a basis for a good start)))

2013-raz-tiny-tannenbaums-tree-burlap-hat-2 3352344 RAZ 10" Burlap Top Hat (shipped flat)

RK9018-loose-weave-natural-burlap-18-inch RK9018 Loose Weave Natural Burlap 18"

3100514-covered-bridge RAZ Covered Bridge Ornament

3103424-pinecone-star-set-2 3103424 RAZ Pinecone Star Ornaments

3211943-forest-frost-pinecone 3211943 RAZ Frosted Pinecone

3211944-natural-pinecone 3211944 RAZ Natural Pinecone (LARGE!)

3253427-red-feathered-bird-hat-set-2 3253427 RAZ Feathered Birds with Hats

3316356-knit-bear-ornament-set-2-aspen-sweater 3316356 RAZ Knit Bear Decoration

3352319-faux-leather-hat 3352319 RAZ Faux Leather Hat (shipped flat)

3352350-frosted-burlap-bow 3352350 RAZ Frosted Burlap Bow

3353446-raz-birdhouses 3353446 RAZ Birdhouse Ornaments

3405160-wild-animals-set-3 3405160 RAZ Wild Animal Ornaments

3452386-red-burlap-top-hat 3452386 RAZ Burlap Top Hat (shipped flat)

3453361-hedgehog-set-2 3453361 RAZ Hedgehog Ornaments

DS10-2348-dear-santa-kaylee-small-pillow DS10-2348 Dear Santa Kaylee Pillow

3453369-red-top-knit-top-hat 3453369 RAZ Red Knit Top Hat

f3206701-poinsettia-solid-red-lime-set-2 F3206701 RAZ Red and Lime Poinsetttias

kaylee-table-topper-closeup-letter-edges DS10-2321 Kaylee Dear Santa Red Burlap Tree Skirt

kg2927-paper-birch-twig-spray-natural-white KG2927 Paper Birch Twig Spray

MW1122F7-red-cardinal-set-3 MW1122F7 Red Cardinal Pick 8"

RA1368-loose-weave-burlap-natural RA1368 Natural Loose Weave Burlap Ribbon 2.5"

RA128318-natural-jute-mesh-ribbon RA128318 Natural Jute Mesh Ribbon Wired

RA132024-loose-weave-burlap-red-4-inch RA132024 Red Loose Weave Burlap Ribbon 4"

rd105618-natural-wired-jute-roping RD105618 Natural Wired Jute Roping

rn457124-fuzzy-wool-roping-red RN4574124 Red Fuzzy Wool Roping (wired)

xs9481-birch-twig-snow-red-berry XS9481 Snowed Birch Twig with Red Berries

XE8761-faux-birch-log-bundle XE8761 Faux Birch Log Bundle


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