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Decorating Carrie's House 2016 -  Kitchen Decorations

Decorating Carrie's House 2016 - Kitchen Decorations

The kitchen was one of my favorite areas to help decorate. It's the heart of the home)) The theme was loosely based on the RAZ Farmhouse Christmas, The Tree Lot and Christmas Cabin collections for 2016. So many of the items from these specific categories work perfectly and compliment each the decorations are just a mix! The kitchen decorations started with one of these 5' flocked flat potted wall trees from RAZ. These are the greatest things! They wall trees are not something that we have stocked in the past, but we may add them to our inventory for next year))) The trees are compact and take so little to decorate! They are a great way to fill in a small space and still give the illusion of a full tree. Also, just to let you know, these trees from RAZ are packed extremely well. They are packed so good, that they are hard to get out of the box! m3108027-flocked-flat-5-ft-kitchen-living The pot is attractive enough to use as is so all you have to do is fluff out your branches on arrival. kitchen-tree The flat wall tree is not even quite like having half a's less than that. It's more like decorating a quarter of a tree since you don't have the depth on the sides either. This tree was flocked but with all the decorations, the flocking is really lost. So, if a flocked tree cost, might as well go with the plain tree. The largest ornaments on this tree were the RAZ Glittered Wool Ball Ornaments. They come in a 4" and 5" size. (Also available in white, but we just used the red on this tree.) kitchen-tree-closeup-3 3556422-raz-red-glittered-wool-ball-5-inchThe 5" ball is 3556422 and the 4" ball is 3556421 The balls are very lightweight which makes placement very easy and they have small sprinkling of glitter to give them a little shine.
g3614104-red-pom-pom G3614104
Another red on this tree was the RAZ Red Pom Pom Garland. This item too is already sold out for this season, but if available, we'll try to bring it back next year. The pom poms are about 2" in diameter so it really packs a punch of color. We used it in other places too. The Pom Pom Garland was from the RAZ North Pole Village Collection. Cotton boll sprays of two different varieties were used. The first was a RAZ spray that contained cotton boll, red berries, pinecones and a bit of greenery. These sprays have already sold out for the year, but if available we'll bring them back next year again.
f3602329-cottonboll-spray F3602329
fh7539-cotton-spray-trendytree FH7539
Everyone loved the sprays so I didn't even get any for my house! The other cotton spray was smaller and just contained cottonbolls. These sprays, along with the RAZ sprays have actual cotton burs. The sprays have just a tiny bit of glitter. These also are sold out for the season, but we do have a cotton boll garland that matched the sprays still in stock. kitchen-tree-closeup-2 We live in Mississippi where cotton fields abound. I wanted to run out and visit a local cotton patch and just clip some branches, but I wasn't allowed since these decorations were for the purpose of demonstrating what our products look like. I understand, but a part of me wanted to clip branches, gather up Sweet Gum balls...etc))) Another RAZ spray was used that came from The Tree Lot collection. It was a velvety holly spray with red berries and two shades of green.
f3606804-holly F3606804
252074-red-white-chenille-stripe-2-5-inch 252074
I think this was about it for the kitchen tree except for two styles of ribbon. One ribbon was a red and white chenille ribbon, 2.5" in width and wire edged. All our ribbons are wire edged which makes them so much easier to shape. The other ribbon was a 2.5" natural ribbon with checked edge. Both these ribbons added to the homespun look of an old fashioned Christmas. We didn't measure to know exactly how much ribbon we used on the tree, but I'm pretty sure we didn't even use a whole roll of either style of ribbon. Another nice thing about the fall wall trees....I'm loving these trees))
r3504211-check-edge-raz-trendytree R3504211
kitchen-floral The same sprays from above were used in this floral arrangement and also some single sprays were shortened and just laid along the kitchen shelving. kitchen-shelving kitchen-1 The farm house style breakfast table with benches was a little to long for a regular table runner, so Martha Martin (David's mom) stitched two together. You'll also see her handiwork with the drapery throughout the house. A pottery bowl holds more of the cotton boll sprays and a bit of ribbon. quick-tip-number-8-easy-fresh-holiday-arrangement-1 More classic red and green of a natural variety in this wooden tray filled with fresh cranberries and artichokes. Gee...I wish I had thought of that! This looks like an arrangement that even I could do))) The Poinsettia Wreath hanging on the window is none other that the wreath from our Poinsettia Wreath tutorial. Kits still mt18568-magic-glass-hanger-box-3available! The trick to hanging this wreath on the inside widow was done with these neat little wreath hangers that stick to your window. This wreath was hung about a month ago and is still hanging)) The hanger is called Magic Glass Hanger and comes in a box of 3. MT18568 All of the decorating in these posts are the ideas and work done by Carrie and her good friend Rachael Wigyul. Now lets move on to the next room))) Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
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