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Decorate with No Designer Skills? Yes You Can!

Decorate with No Designer Skills? Yes You Can!

Rachel is our "in house" floral designer at Trendy Tree and she has shown Carrie and me that we can learn how to decorate a home beautifully without those special skills! Right....I have to be kidding.... But Rachel decorated Carrie's house for Spring with some new florals, containers and Easter items from Trendy Tree and showed us how easy it was to do. The arrangement above, is a galvanized metal pitcher, holding no Styrofoam or anything like that, and the floral is a new 23" Peony Bush. This floral comes from a new vendor for us this year and what we've seen so far, we have really liked.
23680 Pink Peony Bush
23680 Peony Bush Closeup
The container was a 12" galvanized grey pitcher. No Styrofoam or anything. Rachel just placed the peony bundle right down in the container. This sort of decorating is not intended to be permanent of course and it makes it very easy to take down and re-do. This container could be used for several months, just pick out another seasonal floral and refill. Big don't have to worry about
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