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Deco Poly Mesh Spider

Here's a Deco Poly Mesh® spider I've been working on. He's a work in progress, not quite finished yet, but we've been so busy in the shop I figured I had better stop and post what I had done since he may not get finished by Halloween! Started with a Purple Pencil Wreath and a roll of Purple Wide Foil Deco Poly Mesh® Turned the wreath around until I found a spot that would be good to place the head, and left these twists unused for the mesh. Secured the mesh on one side and worked across the wreath form making the center pouf much larger than the side poufs. Just worked the mesh back and forth across instead of going round and round the wreath. There may be a better way, this was just a trial project and you can probably do much better, especially those of you who make the adorable pumpkins! The twists that I left unused to secure the head with. Best thing I had in the shop at the time to make the head out of was a purple balloon. A lightweight ball would have been better or even a big ornament, but the largest ornament I had was too big and the next size too I opted for a balloon. That's been over a week ago and it's still held up okay. Just covered the balloon with the mesh, and secured with a zip tie. Then fastened the head to the Pencil Wreath. Purple Tinsel Sprays were used to make the legs. Not an exact match in purples or anything, but not a problem at all. Tinsel sprays come in 12 pieces to a back, are about 24" in length and each spray has about 5 limbs. They are the most fun to play with! You can do all sorts of things with them. We have them in several different colors and a couple of combination colors like red/green and a Mardi Gras pack with gold/purple/green. Took the tinsel portion and twisted it together a little. The tinsel limbs are not all the same length, so the ones that were longer were just right to form into a little bump on the end. The stem portion worked great for inserting and securing into the wreath. Front view of the spider.....balled up some pieces of the Red Metallic Pencil Garland to may eyes and just glued them on. Spray glue seemed to work better to secure the eyes versus tacky glue. Couldn't use hot glue of course since I was gluing to a balloon. Well, like I say, he's not done yet.....still has a few gaps here and there to fill in and maybe add some contrasting little bunches of Flex Tubing.....but it's a start!
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