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Deco Poly Mesh Flower Creation by Craig Bachman Imports

Another beautiful creation by the designers at Craig Bachman Imports - home of Deco Poly Mesh® This colorful flower was created using a Work Wreath and Work Garland. Looks like the mesh in the flower is a Wide Foil Mesh which is practically solid foil and just sparkles with rich color. The flower portion of the creation was made using an orange Work Wreath and stem made from green Work Garland. There is a video you can view to see how to create this pretty flower. One thing I learned in the video was to work through the entire length of garland, then cut it into the pieces you need. If I hadn't watched the video, I would have probably cut up the garland and made short pieces. I believe their way would be easier. You could change up the color combination of course and make it all sorts of colors.....add other embellishments like maybe lady bugs, butterflies, bumble bees....

Thanks to CBI for sharing this great ideas!

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