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Deco Poly Flex Tubing

Our Deco Poly Flex Tubing comes in bags of 30 yards. Most of the time these bags contain 3 10-yard pieces, but sometimes the tubing can be in one pieces, sometimes there might be one length of 15 yards and another of 10, it's variable. But we've also found that a full 30 yards is not needed for each project. So, we've put together some bags of different color combinations so that you can have a variety and not have to purchase 90 yards just to get three different colors!

red white blue deco poly flex tubing

This selection of red, white blue is perfect for patriotic decorations, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor day and more. This was the first combination bag we put together and seeing the popularity of three colors in one bag....we decided to do more!

halloween colors of deco poly flex tubing orange black lime green

The orange, black and green colors are great for Halloween. It was a toss up on whether to put purple in this bag or green.....wish there was room for a fourth color.

mardi gras colors purple gold green deco poly flex tubing

Colors of the Mardi Gras - Purple Gold and Green. The green in this bag is darker Emerald Green which blends perfect with the deep rich Purple. The gold is actually listed on the website as Brown with Gold. We have another gold with gold foil color, but this metallic gold was a better fit. It is actually a Laser Foil whereas the other are metallic foil.

deco poly flex tubing turquoise blue, fuchsia and white

This multicolor bag includes Turquoise Blue Fuchsia, and White with Silver. This color combination is very popular with multicolored Christmas decorations, and also great for birthday and other occasions. Very popular colors.

lime green, red, white, deco poly flex tubing

This Christmas package contains are most popular colors ....Lime Green, Red and White. The White is White with Silver. Classic red and green is our best seller of most any sort of decoration each year.

Hope these combination packages will be helpful to you. We still have a Baby package to upload and an Iridescent package.

If there are more color combinations you would like to see, please just leave a comment or send us an email and we'll see what we can do!

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