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Deco Mesh Candy Cane Wreath

Deco Mesh Candy Cane Wreath

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Candy Cane Wreath Tutorial

One of the great thing about having friends in the wreath making industry is the opportunity for collaborations. As an example of a perfect collaboration, Lori Jacobs, Hard Working Mom, created this beautiful candy cane wreath using Trendy Tree supplies. And as you can see, it turn out just gorgeous! Thank you to Lori for taking the time to do this step by step tutorial. Watch the video as she takes you through the process and explains the details from beginning to end. She used the curly technique with Deco mesh, ribbons and a candy cane wreath form. Supplies are listed below. You can adapt this candy cane wreath to match your own color scheme. Just pick out different colors of mesh and ribbons. The curly technique is easy to do and even a beginner can do it!


XX770024 24" Red Pencil Candy Cane Wreath Form XB100510-12 Red White Thin Bold Stripe Deco Mesh RE136641 10" White Silver Metallic Deco Poly Mesh RGA170527 2.5" Peppermints & Candy Cane Ribbon RG8830E9 2.5" Ho Ho Ho Fuzzy Edge Ribbon RG8846E9 2.5" Red Lime Wavy Stripes RG0189202 1.5" Red Velvet Black Fuzzy Edge


MD0516 Cutting Mat MD051222 55mm Rotary Cutter Ultimate Collapsible Mesh Holder from Susie’s Wreath Shop E-Z Bowmaker

Candy Cane Wreath Form

The candy cane wreath form ships in two pieces. The pieces are put together and secure with a small zip tie. White or red candy cane wreath forms are in stock right now. Here's a link: 24" Candy Cane Wreath Forms

Deco Mesh

Lori used two different styles of Deco mesh for the candy cane wreath. The red and white was a thin, but bold (wide foil) metallic mesh and a white with silver metallic. She cut the mesh in 10" length. She cut 36 pieces of the red and white stripe and 18 pieces of the white with silver foil. Don't worry if your roll doesn't allow you to cut 36 pieces completely. If your last piece is a little short, it will not show on your finished wreath. Sometimes on the rolls of mesh, there is a little more than 10 yards, and occasionally they can be a little short. deco mesh, mesh cutter, cutting mat

Curly Technique

The curly technique is a simple method for making wreaths because it's very symmetrical and all the mesh pieces are the same size. Because of that, your wreath will come out nice and even. It's very similar to the ruffle technique. You could also use the ruffle technique for this candy cane wreath also. Just roll the mesh up into a curl. Place the curl in the E-Z bowmaker just to hold it. Place the curl, cut down down. deco mesh, curly technique, curl method, candy cane wreath


Lori used four different ribbons on the candy cane wreath. But you could pick other styles of Christmas ribbon and still come out with the same look. Ribbon strips were cut in 12" lengths. For this wreath, she used three of the ribbons to go in bundles and reserved the solid red ribbon to do on the bow.


Lori says making bundles speeds the wreath making process up. She made bundles containing three curls and two ribbon strips. The white/silver mesh was placed in the middle of two red/white curls and two alternating ribbon strips placed on top. To make the bundle, she used half a chenille stem to secure the bundles in the back. christmas ribbon, ribbon strips, A bundle of mesh and ribbon was placed in each twist around the candy cane wreath form. candy cane wreath christmas ribbon, curly technique, wreath making


The bow as made from the remaining ribbon using the E-Z Bowmaker. You don't have to use a bowmaker of course and the wreath looks great even without a bow! The bow was secured to the candy cane wreath form frame by working your fingers through the frame and securing the chenille stem. You may have to turn the wreath over and work from the back to secure the bow. Find your placement first of course. ez bowmaker, e-z bow, make a bow, christmas bow, wreath bow


candy cane wreath Didn't it turn out great! Thanks again to Lori Jacobs, Hard Working Mom, for making this beautiful candy cane wreath. Someone will be so happy to show it off on their door! You can follow Lori on her Facebook page: Hard Working Mom If you would like to learn more about wreath making, Lori can teach you! Learn more about making wreaths by joining Lori's Wreath Therapy Designers Group. If you're already savvy at making wreaths and just want learn more about the business end, check out the Lori Jacobs Success Path. And if you want to learn even more.....check out her YouTube training. I'll be telling you more about this training in the next week because she's opening the group up again in December. The YouTube training is Success in Six and it is an outstanding course. *Disclosure: (Jeannie Pence) The Trendy Tree blog and social media post may generate some income (Jeannie Pence) through affiliate links, sponsored post or general advertising. Trendy Tree only works with companies we trust and personally use. An affiliate link to a company or product may result in a small commission based on a click through or referral fee that is paid by the seller. The amount is not added to your expense. It is a form of advertising.
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