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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!

Creating a Halloween Mantel and Fireplace Display

Unearthly Delights Halloween display Unearthly Delights
This spooktacular Halloween display created by RAZ is just a stunning creation! It is made with items from the Unearthly Delights collection of RAZ Imports. We currently do not sell any of the items used in this creation, but it just so outstanding I wanted to share it with you so you could use the idea to create your own Halloween masterpiece. The black Halloween trees could be substituted with a homemade tree crafted from tree branches and painted. See our blog on How to Make a Halloween Tree. Several trees in varying sizes could be made. You could also use branches from a bushy vine, strip the leaves and paint to make more wispy, scraggly limbs on your tree. Inexpensive almost life size skeletons can be purchased for $10 - $15 at discount stores around Halloween. They could be used in their natural state, or you could paint them with fluorescent paint in green or purple for a glowing eerie effect. Use an assortment of candles and other Halloween items on your mantel. The large Black Feathered Owl from RAZ is 14" tall and has a bit of purple trim around the eyes and would make a very interesting focal point!
RAZ Black Feather Halloween Ole RAZ Black Feather Owl
Even better would be this Large Vulture sitting on the mantel peering down at the bony skeletons!
RAZ 18" Buzzard RAZ 18" Vulture
I love this buzzard! We did have it in two sizes and sold out of the smaller size. This buzzard is 18.5 inches! I'm sorry to say that it has been retired by RAZ much to my dismay. Seems that there was quite a bit of interest in them, probably more for gag gifts and over the hill parties than Halloween)) We just have a couple left of the large size in stock. But the buzzard would make a perfect accent in this Halloween creation....... The black glittered Halloween candelabra could be substituted with some other type of candle holders. You could always use inexpensive white tapers and hang a bit of Spanish moss off them (only if you're not going to light them). Or use battery powered candles that are safe and give off a soft glow of light.
Halloween Tapers Battery Powered Halloween Tapers
Search through your closets or storage areas for those old candle holders you were going to dispose of at your next garage sale and spray paint them black. Great way of getting more use out of an item you were already tired of!

Happy Halloween - Start Creating Now!

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