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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
City Mercantile

City Mercantile

Trendy Tree is branching about again! As of February 1, 2020, Carrie & David now own City Mercantile, Pontotoc, MS. city mercantile City Mercantile is right next door to Trendy Tree, so when the business opportunity came up to own it, Carrie grabbed it. The Trendy Tree store (lovingly called "The Twig" because it's a branch of Trendy Tree) has been right by City Mercantile since its opening in August. Can't visit the local City Mercantile shop? Here's a link to the website. Revisions will be coming soon. City Mercantile The Trendy Tree store will remain the same along with its offerings of seasonal decorations, ribbons, candles, custom florals, balloon creations, and fresh flowers. While there may be some overlap in a few of the products carried by both stores, City Mercantile will remain pretty much the same has it has been. City Mercantile is a gift shop, wedding registry, home decor, men's clothing and continues to carry brand names such as Coontown Pottery, Properly Tied, Duke Cannon, Magnolia Soaps, Annieglass and more. Park Hill candles is one new line that has been added with many more to come. City Mercantile is a fun shop to visit! It has an atmosphere of an old fashioned general store with timeless charm and modern appeal. The door jingles when you walk in and you're greeted by smiling faces. There's a drink box right upfront and you may find some freshly baked cookies, petit fours or other sweet treat to indulge in. petit fours, city mercantile, bottled coke

Men's Gifts

There are so many goodies to explore, everything from pottery, kitchen accessories, unique candles, totes and travel bags, men's clothing from Properly Tied, men's toiletries from Duke Cannon and leather goods. Here's a look at some of the unique finds at City Mercantile. duke cannon, city mercantile Just in time for Valentine! Unique toiletry items for guys of all ages. They will love the smell and unique packaging of soaps, after shave, lip balm, solid cologne, and beard products. Do you know the story behind Duke Cannon? It's a story worth reading. The short version of their purpose: to make superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men. The Duke Cannon company has a history of supporting military and veterans. Here's an example: duke cannon, big ass soap The rectangular “brick” shape and large size of Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Soap were inspired by the product issued to G.I.’s during the Korean War. (The modern version retains similar dimensions, but smells a little better than its predecessor.) In fact, is produced today in the same U.S. based, family-owned plant that was the primary supplier to the military during that era. Duke Cannon supports Wounded Warriors, Honor Flight and many more projects benefiting military families and veterans.

Flashlights & Handy Gadgets

You can choose more gifts for the men in your life (and girls) from the Nebo display in City Mercantile. Who doesn't love a magnetic rechargeable flashlight! I would be happy to find that in my box of chocolates......or Easter basket! magnetic flashlight


Ice Mule coolers make great year-round gifts. ice mule coolers


And ladies, drop a hint to your guy to shop at City Mercantile. We have so many gifts for girls it will make shopping for Valentine's Day a breeze! park hill candles, city mercantile Park Hill candles in heavenly scents. My favorites include Citrus Grove and Lemon Verbena. Candles come in either a willow wrapped glass container or olive tins. They are hand-poured with the finest essential oils blended with clean-burning soy-based wax. This is just a peek at City Mercantile, we'll be posting more as we go along and get familiar with the products ourselves. But since Valentine's Day is just around the corner.....stop in at City Mercantile and pick up something for your sweetie. Most of our products can be found on the website too: City Mercantile. City Mercantile, a branch of Trendy Tree and right next door to the Trendy Tree store in downtown Pontotoc, MS More posts from Trendy Tree: Spring Florals Valentine Arrangement
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