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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!

Christmas Tree with Elf Hat

Here's another great picture from one of my supplier's showrooms. Very tall, slender tree in the corner decorated with many items from the RAZ Santa's Workshop collection and other items also. The tree was made to look even taller by separating it at its sections and extending it. Not quite sure how they extended it, but it added a good bit of height to the tree. The large glittered balls hanging from the ceiling just added to the room's cheerfulness! And, the balls were round, even though they don't really look like that in the photographs. Guess it was my camera angle.

elf christmas tree

The tree is covered in red and green ornaments, red and green ball sprays, assorted elves - some are plush, some are metal ornaments. The RAZ Elves are available in a 15" and a larger 22" .Red and green mesh ribbon is used and there are some large metal ornament. Skinny elf hats made of metal or paper mache like material shoot out from the branches. Several pairs of RAZ Elf Boots are scattered throughout the tree. The hat is topped with the velvet striped Elf Hat from RAZ. The Elf Hat from hat is a tall decoration made of strips of red, green, lime green and creamy white velvet. It is made on a metal frame and is just hollow enough to fit over the top of the tree. Great tree topper and also adds extra inches to the height of the tree.

elf tree

elf ornament

This closeup view shows one of the metal Elf Ornaments holding a Christmas present, the larger metal Elf Hat decorated with polka dots and glittered balls and one of the velvet striped Elf boots, all from RAZ.

mouse ornament

The Whimsical Mouse ornament comes in three assorted styles and measures anywhere from 4.5" to 7". They are sold in sets of three and are from the RAZ Santa's Workshop collection.

elf boot

Another view of the Elf Boot ornament. The Elf Boot measures about 9" and is sold in pairs. It is made of velvet strips like the Elf hat on a metal frame with a red ball on the toe.

elf hat tree topper

Closeup view of the Elf Hat as a tree topper. The Elf Hat measures 21" in height. So you can see how it would really add more height to your tree. It can also make a great table decoration as a centerpiece, on your mantle or underneath your tree. Very versatile decoration and your kids will love it! All the ornaments and decorations from the Santa's Workshop are whimsical and cheery. Some styles are more classic red and green and others multicolor and even include orange and medium blues. But the thing I like best about the Santa's Workshop collection is that the ornaments and decorations blend so well with those little homemade keepsake treasures that your children have made. Little hand written cards, Santa's lists......all would have a nice place nestled among the decorations from Santa's Workshop.
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