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Christmas Tree Toppers

Typical Christmas tree toppers have included stars, angels, bows, and lots of other things....but take a look at how Kristina Gardea has topped some of her client's trees. She has used everything from sock monkeys, snowmen and cupcake sticks. Browse through some of the photos showcasing her stunning decorating style and get inspired!

The whimsical elves from the Santa Approved and Gumdrops and Jellybeans collections can be used in all sorts of way. They contain wire so their arms and legs can be bent and shaped. You can fashion them to look like they are barely hanging on to the tree...waving a cheery hello......or mischievously hanging upside down from light fixtures.

This tree has some RAZ Confetti Balls which are made of glass and have multicolored glittered dots. They are available in a 3" and 4" size.

The large red flocked balls are from the RAZ No Peeking Collection. These balls are large 4" balls in bright red with white, green and pink glittered swirls, dots and designs. The flocked balls are new for 2011 and have several other styles of ornaments that match from that same collection. There is also a green variation with similar decoration.

This is a gingerbread tree creation by Kristina and it's chocked full of sweet goodies! The large fluffy cupcakes are actually large cupcakes on long peppermint sticks. They come from the RAZ Gumdrops and Jellybeans collection along with the large Lollipops and the Gumdrop Dangle ornaments which are made of glass, shaped like big gumdrops and decorated with frosting and sprinkles.

We still have plenty of the Cupcake Sticks and Gumdrop dangle ornaments in stock, but I'm sorry we've already sold out of our large lollipops for the year. But RAZ has a similar style of lollipops coming out in the spring collection and these will be arriving in January. They will be great for parties and all sorts of celebrations.

RAZ really incorporated the used of "candy sprinkles" into the Gumdrop and Jellybean collection this year. Many of the decorations are made out of soft, polyfoam material so the ornaments and decorations are lightweight, but actually seem to be holding up well. Many are dotted with candies and sprinkles.

There are lots of new cookie style ornaments in the Gumdrops and Jellybeans collection along with soft plush ornaments. Adorable Gingerbread Boy and Girls in different styles and colors. Some of the plush decorations like the Gingerbread Boy and Girl have weight in their bottoms so you can put them in a sitting position.

Also new from RAZ this year are HUGE cookie style ornaments. These ornaments measure 16" in height and are in assorted styles with Snowmen, Santas, a House and even some word cookies of Joy and Noel.

Kristina also carried this theme of gingerbread goodies into the garland made for the staircase using candy picks, Cupcake Sticks and other assorted goodies.

This tree is topped with with new Hydrangea Snowman picks from the RAZ Frostyland collection. Paper hydrangeas have been used in several of the RAZ spring and summer items or Easter decorations. This year, they work perfect for whimsical snowman heads on sticks. The cheery Snowmen are decorated with bits of fabric, have tall hats and funny noses bent to one side or the other. They're perfect for popping right down into the tree or centerpieces. Kristina has also used lighted Christmas packages from RAZ. These lights presents can be use as a single decoration or plugged together like Christmas lights. They are available in an variety of red and green polka dots and stripes.

Thanks to Kristina Gardea for letting us showcase your beautiful work! If you'd like to see more of Kristina's decorating style.....drop by her Facebook page and browse around. Be sure to tell her Trendy Tree sent you! She does weddings too by the way))))

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