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Christmas Tree Storage Bag

A few weeks ago I posted a Blog about a Christmas tree storage bag from At that time, we had positioned the bag around the base of our Christmas tree and covered it up easily with fabric gathered around the base of the tree. Well, we were all set to try out the bag once Christmas over. Course one thing led to another and we really didn't get our tree down as quickly as I had planned. But, my daughter and I went to the market in Atlanta and low and behold....when we returned my husband and son in law had taken down the tree! So, I wasn't there to take pictures along the way, but I'm sure not complaining))) They said it was relatively easy once they figured out to loosen the draw string around the bottom of the base)) It took both of them to maneuver the bag up over the tree which I was expecting, because this is a large 9.5 to 10 ft flocked tree. They each got on one side of the tree and pulled the bag up slowly as far as they could reach, then tilted the tree over on it's side and finished going all the way to the top of the tree. The bag contained the tree just like the folks at said. It took the both of them to take the tree out to the garage for I said, this is a large tree. But just think! Next year when we bring it back it.....all we have to do is unzip it....slide the bag down and tuck in around the base.....any flocking that comes off will still be in the bag))). This isn't a great photo, but here's the tree all snug as a bug in my Christmas tree storage bag. This is a high quality, well made storage bag.....two thumbs up!
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