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Christmas Tree Inspiration from RAZ 2010

Christmas Tree Inspiration from RAZ 2010

raz christmas tree, 2010 christmas trees We all love beautiful Christmas trees don’t we. So I know you’ll love the RAZ 2010 Christmas trees. When we started our business in 2007, it wasn’t until 2009 that we recognized the importance of holding on to pretty images! We started archiving images of the beautifully decorated RAZ Christmas tree for future reference, inspiration and ideas. So, for this holiday season we thought we would share some of the older images again for your inspiration and ideas. Here’s a look at Christmas trees from RAZ 2010. Items used on these trees will be sold out of course, or discontinued by the RAZ. But we share these images with the knowledge that you can look at these trees to get ideas of how to create your own magnificent Christmas tree. You can buy products of similar styles and colors to achieve the same look.

Peppermint Kisses

raz christmas tree, 2010 christmas trees, peppermint kisses 2010 RAZ Peppermint Kisses
The RAZ 2010 Peppermint Kisses tree (I could be mistaken, this tree could be from 2009, but) is a bright, cheery, loaded with peppermint tree. Lots of snowy items with big snowmen around the base with lighted packages and trees. You'll find iced gingerbread on the tree, candy canes and huge peppermint ornaments. Items from this tree are pretty abundant, though the exact sames ones not be. You can still use the ideas from this RAZ Christmas tree to create your own Peppermint Kisses tree.

Santa Paws

doghouse christmas tree, pet christmas tree RAZ 2010 Santa Paws
Let's don't forget our pets during the holidays! This RAZ 2010 Santa Paws tree is a wooden doghouse decor with tree secured on top. I'm sorry to say that RAZ doesn't manufacture these anymore, but who knows. Maybe they will bring them back. If you'll make comments about it on this blog post, we'll share that info with them at market! The Santa Paws tree is a green tree with blown glass ornaments. Did you know that we have another website where we don't sell any but glass ornaments? You can find all kinds of animal and pet related ornament on our site. Visit Trendy Ornaments and browse.

Santa's Workshop

santa's workshop, red green christmas tree, elveds, nostalgic christmas RAZ 2010 Santa's Workshop #1
There were so many cute ornaments in the RAZ 2010 Santa's Workshop collection, they had to decorate two trees! Lots of classic red and green colors, and whimsical elves. Huge curled elf hat as a tree topper and rather large decorative elves around the base of the tree. Love how they positioned the elves in cars and tricycles and the little wooden chair. Bet you have some old toys or kids furniture that you could use. Carrie is middle aged now and her old red firetruck pedal car is still in the attic. A piece like the pedal car isi perfect for decorating under the tree. If you don't have elves to go in it, you could always put wrapped gifts.
santa's workshop, whimsical chrisdtas tree RAZ 2010 Santa's Workshop #2
The second Christmas tree from the Santa's Workshop collection RAZ 2010, is chocked full of glittery, flocked, multicolor decorations. Even some orange! One doesn't necessarily think about orange as a Christmas color, but it really pop in this tree. There is even an orange monkey tucked under the table in the back. Again, these decorations are no longer available, they are simple for ideas. Carrie decorated her tree one year using this theme and to take the place of the RAZ monkeys that were no longer available, she found some sock monkeys at the dollar store! They were so cute, inexpensive and she had them hanging from their tails on the window behind the tree. So cute. Christmas ornaments on this tree are exaggerated in size and shape. Lots of patterns. And who thought you couldn't mixed patterns, stripes and polka dots. Anything goes nowadays. Love the multicolor ball ornaments popping out of the top.

Stocking Tales

red green christmas tree RAZ 2010 Stocking Tales
The RAZ 2010 Stocking Tales tree is a classic red, green and white tree. There are some gold ornaments, lots of red berries. Sorry, but this image is a little hard to see. And I'm not sure where the name Stocking Tales comes from. I could have it wrong too of course!

Tinsel Town

tinsel town, old fashioned light christmas light bulb RAZ 2010 Tinsel Town #1
Tinsel Town from RAZ 2010 has two trees. This first one is a small tree, about 36" and one of the flat back or wall style trees. If you haven't used one of these trees before, you might want to explore them. They are great. They come potted and are packed extremely well for shipping by RAZ. We have used several of these in our own homes and Carrie has a couple that are 7' in ht. They are easy to decorate, and save floor space. Here's an example of how they were used in her dining room.

Carrie's House

wall tree, flat back tree You can't really tell it in the photo, but the ceiling in the dining room is about 10-11" The trees were elevated on Halloween tubs turned upside down and covered with fabric. The trees didn't take up much space and there was still walking room around the table. Here's the mechanics of the elevation. Rachel (Wiygul) comes up with such great ideas. We're so proud to have her in the retail store at Trendy Tree)) wall tree, flat backk tree, potted tree, She had a couple of the 5' one year and elevated them on the bookcase in the living area. Raising them up made them look outstanding. Flat wall trees with varying heights were used in her foyer. Well anyway, back to the Tinsel Town tree, it's loaded with glittered red and green bulb sprays. A smaller tree like this calls for simple decoration. Everything on the tree is red and green. Can't get much simpler than that!
tinsel town tree, lighted packages RAZ 2010 Tinsel Town #2
Tinsel Town tree #3 from the RAZ 2010 collection is loaded with red and green. Both lime green and emerald green decorations. Huge snowflakes hang in the widows and the base of the tree is covered in lighted package decorations. RAZ doesn't make these anymore, but from time to time, they bring back items that were popular and just change the color or style a bit. The lighted boxes were always very popular so maybe they will come back soon. The clusters of red balls is actually a ball garlands with assorted size balls. There was a great tutorial a while back on Pinterest on stringing up plastic ball ornaments to make a garland similar to this. That tutorial is worth looking up again.


unwrapped christmas tree, christmas tree whimsy RAZ 2010 Unwrapped
The Unwrapped tree from RAZ 2010 was another of my personal favorites. Especially the lighted top hat! I can't imagine how many of those lighted top hats left the Trendy Tree warehouse. It was really sad to see them discontinued! But again, you never know what's in store for next year until you go to market. The January market will be coming up soon and that's when we shop for Christmas 2020. The Unwrapped tree has whimsical snowmen ornaments. Note the touch of blue in the decorations and ribbon. This tree has lots of picks and sprays all up and down the tree, not just in the top. It would take a large space to decorate a tree light this for sure.


nature tree, owls, christmas owls, feathers, RAZ 2010 Woodhue
RAZ 2010 Woodhue tree is a back to nature style with rich green, deep burgundy, burnished gold. Lots of natural elements with feather, poinsettias and leafy florals. You'll find pretty owls in the tree. Love the plaid ribbons.


If you see something you like on these trees, please share with us. We spend a lot of time (and money) in the RAZ showrooms and we'll be glad to take back suggestions for products that you would like to see them manufacture again. We have more trees to show you! So be sure to check the blog frequently. Year 2011 coming up next! If you find these post helpful for stimulating ideas and inspiration, please let us know, we love hearing from our readers. Didn't see the trees from 2009? You can click here: Christmas Tree Inspiration from RAZ 2009
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