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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Christmas Tree Inspiration from RAZ 2009

Christmas Tree Inspiration from RAZ 2009

raz 2009, christmas tree, We all love beautiful Christmas trees don't we. So I know you'll love the RAZ 2009 Christmas trees. When we started our business in 2007, it wasn't until 2009 that we recognized the importance of holding on to pretty images! We started archiving images of the beautifully decorated RAZ Christmas tree for future reference, inspiration and ideas. So, for this holiday season we thought we would share some of the older images again for your inspiration and ideas. Here's a look at Christmas trees from RAZ 2009. Items used on these trees will be sold out of course, or discontinued by the company. But we share these images with the knowledge that you can look at these trees to get ideas of how to create your own magnificent Christmas tree. You can buy products of similar styles and colors to achieve the same look. Here's a short video of the RAZ 2009 Christmas Trees:

Cool Yule

raz christmas tree, 2009 tree, christmas whimsy The RAZ 2009 Cool Yule tree was a whimsical, quirky tree covered with adorable penguin ornaments. Long, dangling, glitter ball picks and pretty snowflake ribbon. Notice the bottle brush trees in the right corner. These have made a come back this year and can be found on the website now. RAZ Snowy Green Bottle Brush Tree Set of 3


red green christmas tree, polka dot ball, green red ribbon The RAZ 2009 Gifted tree has more traditional colors of deep red, almost burgundy, lime and emerald green. The white flocked tree is adorned with large paperboard ornaments. The paperboard ornaments were a paper mache like material quite popular for several years. The ornaments were always large, but lightweight which was perfect for packing a punch of color and not weighing down branches. Maybe they will bring some back soon in a new style. And we once though we couldn't mix polka dots and stripes! Not the case anymore for sure.

Ho Ho Holidays

santa hat topper, santa ball, santa belt, christmas boxes The most noticeable thing about the Ho Ho Holidays tree from RAZ 2009, guessed it. The Santa hat tree topper. This was actually a tree topper made by RAZ o course, but you could likely achieve the same effect by using a real Santa hat. Just get the largest you can find. This tree is loaded with red, green, black and white. There are Santa belt ornaments inn several different styles and pretty package ornaments. Lots of red ball picks and pretty ribbon. Decorative boxes adorn the bottom of the tree. You can find really pretty similar styles boxes at places like Hobby Lobby during the holidays. They make great boxes for holding gifts, or just sitting around for decoration. Here's a few Santa belt type products that we do have in stock right now: Santa Belt


gold tree, silver tree, champagne tree If you're looking for an elegant, dressy tree, the RAZ 2009 Navidad tree is your thing. Beautifully drenched in golds, silver and champagne ornaments and poinsettias. This tree is outstanding. And gold and silver decorations are always plentiful. Love how they have draped a metallic gold fabric through the tree. You could achieve this look by using 10" Deco Mesh or something similar.

Peppermint Kisses

pink and blue tree, glitter snowflakes, pink peppermint, peppermint kisses The RAZ 2009 Peppermint Kisses tree is perfect for the young or the young at heart! Sorry the image is a bit blurry, but saving the image was before I realized they needed to be saved in high resolution format. Live and learn as they say! The multicolor decorations on this tree compliment each other and look stunning on the flocked Christmas tree. Peppermint decorations in pink and white versus the standard red and white softens the look somewhat. Huge, gigantic snowflakes in pink, blue and green. Lot of glitter!

Santa in the City

glitzy tree, bling tree, hot pink tree The Santa in the City tree is the last from this group of RAZ 2009 trees. Now this doesn't mean that RAZ didn't have other trees in 2009, but back then, we tended to only hang on to images of the trees that we had the most products for. Typically, RAZ creates new collections each year. And if a product stays around for 3-4 years, it will be in a different collection each year. This tree has a lot of glitz and bling. Diva reindeer, hot pink with lime and black. Shiny shiny ornaments and lots of glitter. Love the large lighted presents and orbs around the bottom of the tree. Maybe RAZ will bring back a version of these lighted packages soon.


We have more trees to show you! So be sure to check the blog frequently. Year 2010 coming up next! If you find these post helpful for stimulating ideas and inspiration, please let us know, we love hearing from our readers.
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