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Christmas Ornaments that Represent Good Luck

Christmas Ornaments that Represent Good Luck

Giving Christmas ornaments ....isn't just for Christmas. We find our sales of ornaments are quite popular even after the Christmas holidays are over. This is because many customers choose ornaments as gifts throughout the year as a small token of remembrance and keeping that special memorial alive. Another popular way is to give ornaments that represent things....and with St. Patrick's Day coming up.....we thought we would browse through our selection of ornaments and show you what we have that represents "Good Luck." Also, right now we have a discount coupon that is good for 15% off Old World Christmas and Inge-Glas of Germany Christmas ornaments! Just check out the Coupon tab at the top of the website for the details.
36046-lucky-shamrock Lucky Shamrock - Old World Christmas
The Lucky Shamrock speaks for itself! The Shamrock is a symbol of the cross and the Holy Trinity. It has also been a symbol of Ireland and is said to be used by St. Patrick in his teaching. By showing how the three separate leaves of the shamrock were joined by one stem, he was able to show the people how God could be three in one.
12338-lucky-pig Lucky Pig - Old World Christmas

Pigs are considered to bring good luck and prosperity. In Germany, the word "dickbauch" means fat stomach, and it is often heard in December. According to tradition, you should eat well on Christmas Eve to avoid being haunted that night and to insure luck and prosperity in the New Year.

107812-piggles Piggles - Inge-Glas of Germany

We have lots of pig ornaments to choose from at Trendy Tree.....Piggles is an ornament made in Germany....then we have Country Pig....Big Pig....Twinkle Toes the Dancing Pig....Piggy Bank ......Christmas Ham (A pig wearing a Santa hat) ......and even....yes.....When Pigs Fly - the flying pig! Well, enough about pigs! Need a pig....we got em!!

106304-buddha Buddha - Inge-Glas of Germany

Buddha is said to bring luck if you rub the belly of the charm, statue, or ornament in this case I suppose.

36036-pot-of-gold Pot of Gold - Old World Christmas

The luck of the Irish is sure to come to the owner of this beautiful ornament, for it caries three lucky symbols. First is the legendary pot of Leprechaun's gold found at the end of the rainbow. Second is the rare four leaf clover. Third is the double mushroom which doubles the good luck!

32139-irish-beer Mug of Beer - Old World Christmas
This Mug of Beer ornament is decorated with four leaf clovers. Four-leaf clovers do exist but not as common as the three-leaf clover. Finding a four-leaf clover means good luck.
12347-happy-froggy The Happy Froggy - Old World Christmas

Frogs have long denoted good luck in business. Since a frog only travels forward, he is always progressing and as such he represents a prosperous future. So a frog ornament is often given as a gift at weddings, graduation, or to someone beginning a new business venture.

We have FIFTEEN varieties of frog ornaments! Just do a search on the site if you're looking for a frog.....we have your basic frog.....frog couple....swimming frog....jumping frog....frog wearing sunglasses....or a Santa hat....or a swim ring.....or a bikini! And a couple of frogs wearing lipstick......go figure...

12234-tiger-head Tiger Head - Old World Christmas
The Tiger is considered lucky in Chinese Astrology. Tigers are also said to protect against fire or theft. Now, in reality would you attempt to steal something from a place that had a tiger protecting the merchandise....I think not. Maybe we need a tiger for our warehouse....
12187-dolphin Playful Dolphin - Old World Christmas

Dolphins are considered lucky in many cultures. The Dolphin is a symbol of protection and it's image is said to bring good luck. I don't know what it is about this ornament, just the shape and pleasantness on the face....but every time I take one out of the box and wrap it......I just like it's just one of those ornaments that you like to hold in your hand and touch.

28011-large-acorn Large Acorn - Old World Christmas

Acorns have long been considered good luck symbols. They also represent the rebirth of life, which is where we get the old saying: "from little acorns come mighty oaks." Celebrate life and good luck by hanging this glass acorn ornament on your tree!

26036-grinning-cat Grinning Cat - Old World Christmas

According to legend, black cats are associated with witches and have the gift of foretelling the future and seeing spirits. If a black cat crosses your path, it means bad luck. If it walks toward you, it means good luck. Because of all this, black cats enjoy a close association with Halloween today. (Just a side note offense to Old World Christmas or anything, but it has been my experience that if a cat walks toward's hungry....knows you're gullible and will feed it and it never leaves......just saying.......)))

12178-golden-seashell Golden Seashell - Old World Christmas
In many cultures, the shell is universally recognized as a positive feminine symbol which represents birth, life, resurrection, love and good luck. In China, the shell is one of the Eight Good Prophetic Symbols and signifies a prosperous journey.
28089-bunch-of-carrots Bunch of Carrots - Old World Christmas
"The glass Carrots ornament is truly a decoration that can bring a tear to an old woman's eye. Long ago carrot ornaments were very popular as traditional gifts for brides. They were believed to bring the bride good luck in the kitchen." This is the information on the hang tag for the Carrot ornament. My thoughts: just what ever bride would want.....a bunch to carrots to cook up on her wedding day.......sorry, the hang tag reads "ornaments" not carrots....nevermind.
12331-gecko Gecko - Old World Christmas

Geckos are almost universally regarded as a sign of good luck and they are welcomed into homes where they feed on insects. The traditional gecko circle is a symbol of keeping one eye on the past while focusing the other on the future. Hmmm.....could be valuable information here........seems to have been so for the little Geico Insurance guy....

32025-pretzel Pretzel - Old World Christmas

The Pretzel: Sixth-century Italian monks gave pretzels to children as rewards for attending church. The pretzel''s twists signify arms crossed in prayer. Pretzels are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and spiritual wholeness.

12283-lucky-cricket Lucky Cricket - Old World Christmas

In many countries, the cricket is an auspicious symbol of good luck. If found inside a house, it signifies peace and plenty for those who live there and must not be killed. In folklore, to hear a cricket chirping, means impending rain or good fortune and upcoming financial gain. Reality Flash - there anything more annoying than one cricket in the house? I'm afraid my sense of superstition and the need to let a cricket live would fade away after about the third chirp....

28076-mushroom Double Mushroom - Old World Christmas

Mushrooms are associated with nature and the beauty of the forest. Finding a mushroom in the woods is like finding a lucky penny - good fortune is just around the corner! And a double mushroom is twice as lucky. The Lucky Mushrooms ornament symbolizes the hope for good fortune in the coming year. I'm a child of the sixties......mushroom aren't always associated with just good luck, there are other things......just saying.........

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