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Christmas Inspiration

Christmas Inspiration

christmas decoration, christmas decorations, christmas decor RAZ Cozy Knits Collection
This image from RAZ gives a tiny glimpse into the stunning Cozy Knits Collection for 2019. But, it's simply chocked full of decorating ideas! Take the way the Tobacco Basket if filled with a greenery wreath. Then on top of the wreath, there is the Better Not Pout Sign. Three layers of decorations. Me, I would have hung the tobacco basket and thought...done! Just taking a little more time and mainly watching someone do it.....leads to a more beautiful decoration.
tobacco basket Round Tobacco Baskets Set of 2
The largest of this set of whitewashed tobacco baskets is about 21.5" in diameter and the smaller is 19" Even the smaller basket is a very nice size. We don't carry the exact wreath as shown in the image, but we do have some premade evergreen wreaths.
premade wreath, eucalyptus wreath RAZ Mixed Eucalytpus Wreath - W3902352
This RAZ Mixed Eucalyptus wreath when fluffed out measures about 23", but I thing if you were to minimize the fluffing it would fit nicely inside the tobacco basket. Sometimes you just can't tell until you layer items together. The Eucalyptus wreath is also from the RAZ Cozy Knits Collection for 2019. You could add some clusters of jingle bells and a few larger pinecones to achieve a similar look.
pinecone pick, pine cones RAZ Frosted Pinecone Pick - F3860892
This pinecone pick from RAZ measures about 14" in length. If these pinecones are too large, never fear....we have smaller ones too))
pinecone spray, pine cones, RAZ Frosted Pinecone Spray - F3506175
This frosted pinecone spray from RAZ comes as a set of two. And ...they're on sale right now! Only a few left....don't hesitate! Moving on across the mantel, the whitewashed candle holders on the left. They are shown as Christmas decorations, but these would be functional all year long. The Better Not Pout is a framed wall art from the Cozy Knits Collection. It measures about 10" in width and is a framed type of sign. My grandson loved this sign. Course he thought it said something else...
RAZ Better Not Pout Framed Wall Art - 3959101
The Better No Pout wall art will be arriving any day now. There is also a matching ornament with the same phrase that you could use on your Christmas tree.
better not pout RAZ Better Not Pout Christmas Ornament - 3916249
RAZ 10" Candle Holder - 3902591
white candle holder RAZ 7" Candle Holder - 3902592
Both these candle holders come from the RAZ Cozy Knits Collection. They are made of polyresin and are white distressed in color. They will hold up to a 4" pillar candle. These candle holders will also hold tapers! The image shows both sizes being used and what looks like a 3" in diameter battery candle. Hint: If you only have candle holders of the same height, vary the height of your candles. Battery operated candles are so great these days! The technology has come so far from battery candles of the past. Cheap battery candles can be found at discount stores, ects and honestly I've tried them. But they typically are lightweight and fall over easy. It's difficult to decorate around them. For the last several years I have invested in buying better candles. It's just better in the long run. They last longer and hold up well. I LOVE the timers and the remote controls. I use them in my lanterns and just tuck the remote inside the lantern for safe keeping. We have a new style of remote, battery controlled candles coming to Trendy Tree! Haven't gotten them on the website yet, but they will be here soon. Love the garland strands swagged across the mantel. Who would have thought to use four different styles! When I saw this image, there was just so much to learn from it that I wanted to share. Hope you enjoyed the post!
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