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Chivalry is Not Dead!

Chivalry is Not Dead!

chivalryLast Night

Chivalry is not dead. I know, because I'm married to a man who has practiced it for the past 50 years of our married life. Exaggerating you say? Well, not really. Last night we were talking about our plans for today. He had errands to run and so did I. My first task was an early morning appointment for my 97 year old dad who resides in a nursing home. Hubby's supposed to rain tomorrow. Hubby: Do you have gas? Me: Some, but I need to fill up. I'll get up a little earlier and get gas before I pick up daddy. Now, you have to know my husband to realize that this scenario is not a comfortable one for him. His philosophy on gas in the tank, is to always have enough so that if you have to make an emergency trip, you have gas. Me, on the other hand, can rationalize that I can always get gas when I need it. Hubby: You need to fill up before the light comes on. What if you had to go somewhere unexpected? Me: I could go in your truck. Hubby: What if I wasn't home? Me: A gas station will be open. Hubby: What if they are not? Me: I'll go to Walmart, they're always open. Hubby: What if you don't have any money? Me: I'll use my debit card. Hubby: What if it doesn't work? Me: I'll use a credit card. Hubby: You don't have a credit card. So, you can see, it's a no-win situation for me.

This Morning

I wake up early around 6:30, hubby isn't in bed, he's an early riser, bet you could guess that. Lights are on in the living room and coffee brewing. So, I know he's up, just don't see him anywhere. I go ahead and check my email, do those important things you know, and still no hubby. Figure well maybe he's in the shower, we have separate bathrooms. A few more minutes pass by and I think, maybe I should go to the garage just to check. Who knows, he could be laying there passed out having had a heart attack, fallen, or something. But I wait a few more minutes, actually getting a tad frustrated that he hasn't appeared yet and now I'm really wondering where he is. About that time he walks in the back door, it's been raining just like he said it was going to do. Me: So where have you been?? Hubby: Getting you some gas.

Moral of the Story

Chivalry is not dead. I've been the recipient of it more times than I can count and for sure more times than I deserve. It's been 50 years since we were married and we were dating 3-4 years before that. Someone taught him well.
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