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Candy Corn Wreath Tutorial

Candy Corn Wreath Tutorial

candy-corn-wreath-trendytree Here's a very easy tutorial for this adorable Candy Corn Wreath, perfect for Autumn and Halloween decorating. We will start with a Candy Corn Wreath Kit which includes:
  • 12" 4-ring Wreath Form - 1 (Note - your kit might include a 3-ring wreath instead of a 4-ring. If so, you won't need to skip a ring)
  • White Tulle - 6" x 100 yards - 1
  • Orange Tulle - 6" x 100 yards - 1
  • Yellow Tulle - 6" x 100 yards - 1
  • Black/White Polka Dot ribbon 2.5" x 10 yards - 1
  • Candy Corn Spray - 2
Kit: Sorry, these kits have sold out and no more will be available. The instruction will be left up however, since you can follow the instructions and just choose different materials. candy-corn-wreath-supplies-trendytree First step is to cut the Tulle. We cut our strips 12" in lengths. An easy way of cutting Tulle is to cut two pieces of cardboard the length you want your Tulle, 12" in our case. We also cut the cardboard 6" in width since our Tulle is 6" wide. Put the two pieces of cardboard together and put some tape around the center to hold them, leaving both ends open so you can slide your scissors through to cut your Tulle. Hold your Tulle in your lap with the Tulle rolling off from the backside of the roll away from you. Hold the end of your Tulle at the top of the cardboard and just turn your cardboard over and over until you have turned it 24 times. Then holding the Tulle in place with one hand, slide your scissors between the two pieces of cardboard to cut the Tulle. Continue holding the Tulle in place with your hand and flip to the other end and cut that Tulle with your scissors. You should have 24 pieces all the same length. The orange Tulle was tied on first starting on the outermost ring. Take your 12" strip of Tulle and fold lengthwise, then fold in half making sure your cut ends are even. Take the cut ends and slide under the outermost metal ring of the wreath, push the Tulle up between the metal rings and take your fingers through the Tulle, grabbing hold of the cut ends and pull it through the loop of Tulle tying on a slip knot. Pull it snuggly, but not so tight as to tear the Tulle. Place 24 pieces of Tulle in each segment around the wreath. On the wreath included in your kit, there are 6 segments to be filled. candy-corn-wreath-orange-layer-trendytree Next step is to add the yellow Tulle. Since this wreath is made up of 4 metal rings, and we will be adding only three colors of Tulle, we are skipping the next ring and moving up one. Note: Your Candy Corn Kit may include a 3-ring wreath rather than a 4-ring. The overall size will be the same, but it will not be necessary to skip a ring as mentioned. The yellow Tulle also should be cut in 12" length and tied on in the same manner. It will take 18 pieces of yellow Tulle to fill in each segment. There are 6 segments to filled. candy-corn-wreath-yellow-layer-trendytree These images are just to show you the placement of the yellow Tulle and white Tulle. It works best to go all the way around with the orange, or fill one segment at a time with orange, then yellow, then white and move to the next segment. Just a thought))) Next step is to add the white Tulle. The white Tulle will be tied to the innermost ring in the same manner. Fill each segment with 18 pieces of white Tulle. candy-corn-wreath-white-layer-trendytree If at anytime you tie your Tulle on and the ends are very uneven, just un-do that tie and re-tie. Here is what your wreath will look like from the back, once all the Tulle is tied on. You can see the extra ring that we skipped. candy-corn-wreath-back-trendytree candy-corn-wreath-ready-for-bow-trendytree candy-corn-wreath-side-view-trendytree The wreath measures about 23" x 23" If you prefer not to cut Tulle strips, you can tie the Tulle on. Just start the orange at one of the post on the outer ring and secure with a knot. Pull up a loop making a slip knot and tighten, making your loop about 3 - 3.5" Continue pulling up loops and tightening around the wreath form, keeping your loops as even as possible. This method is less time consuming than cutting and securing each strip. Just practice a little making your slip knots and keeping your loops even and then you're ready to go.
candy-corn-wreath-tulle-tied-on-trendytree Tulle tied on - one color at a time, in one continuous piece
Next step is to create the bow. We made a simple 5-loop (5 loops on each side) bow using the black and white 2.5" wired polka dot ribbon. Here's a brief video tutorial showing you how we made our bow using the Bowdabra (affiliate link, available at Amazon). Once you have created your bow, decide where you want to position it. To attach the bow, wiggle your fingers down through the Tulle and secure the bow to the wreath frame itself. candy-corn-wreath-closeup-trendytree Two Candy Corn picks are included in your kit and you can stick them in behind the bow, pushing all the way through the frame and secure to the wreath frame with small zip ties. Just bend the ends to make the fit around the frame, shorten if you wish. Be sure to snip of the ends of your zip ties and turn any sharp edges toward the inside so they won't scratch your door or wall. Use a larger zip tie to make a hanger for your wreath. You should have enough Tulle left over to make another wreath the same size or smaller, but calculate the math first. We did and it appeared that you would have enough, but always double check us))) You know our math subscribe-trendy-tree-channel Save
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