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Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!
Get ready for BLACK FRIDAY FRENZY starting November 7th! Make sure you check your email!

Candle Wraps

I'm always on the lookout for centerpieces that are name with natural items.....or at least easy to do. While browsing this morning I've found several ways to utilize inexpensive candles for table decorations. Course you could use battery powered candles too for most of these and I like that safety factor especially around small children. This candle is wrapped in real barbed wire. It's actually for sale at King Ranch Saddle Shop and comes in a square version also. I love the candle look especially for backyard entertaining, but I was thinking barbed wire.....I don't know. But around Halloween, there is always that fake barbed wire that might make a nice alternative and have the same effect.

This is a candle covered in birch bark. This is REAL birch bark and Kim at Sand & Sisal has a great blog post and more photos of how she collected this bark and made this gorgeous candle. Now, if a birch tree is handy in your backyard....or your neighbor's back yard....there is an alternative. This summer we have two styles of "birch" bark ribbon coming in ....would make a nice alternative to the real thing. These stunning burlap covered candles were created by Megan at Love-Lee Homemaker. Isn't burlap just the rage for everything! Visit her blog for more photos and directions. If you wanted to use battery powered candles, you could always overlap the burlap edges and tie with ribbon or raffia. Burnished looking thumbtacks were used to secure the burlap on these candles. You'll enjoy her blog, it chocked full of crafting projects.
I love this one! So unique and fresh.....great centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table or just about any meal time. Vegetable like green beans or asparagus stacked around the candle and held in place with a rubber band. Then the rubber band is covered up with ribbon. The folks at Better Homes and Gardens know a thing or two about decorating! Visit them at BHG for more details and even more great ideas.
This photo came from Pinterest and comes us as a dead link. It was apparently from and I always do my best to give proper credit. So if this is in error and someone can correct me, please do)) Anyway, it just was to nice not to share! Looks like the candles have been covered with scrapbooking supplies. Have you looked at the papers available in the scrapbooking section? They are fantastic! So many choices. These candles have different layers of papers and adornments.
Here's another idea from the folks at Better Homes and Gardens. Pink hearts cut from card stock ...perfect little light for your Valentine)))
These are candles for sale at Pier One. Great idea huh......think this could be done fairly easy. Great colors for wedding, showers, engagement parties. White candles are so versatile! After our daughter married and we had ALL those white candles left over....I put the in the top of the closet and I swear.....we used those candles for years!
As you can tell....I've spent quite a bit of time on the Better Homes and Gardens site! Visit the site to get the details on making this peppermint candle wrapper. Notice those napkins rings in the background.....looks like circles of peppermint....
This is a very pretty, elegant candle decorated by Crafts Unleashed. The decorative pieces were cut using a Cricut. See Crafts Unleashed for more directions.
These candles have a very romantic look....I can just see them position around a slipper tube....petals in the water.... Plain and simple candles transformed into beautiful candlelight with bits of lace, ribbon and touch of bling. Visit Blush Printables to see more. I hope these photos give you some ideas on decorating inexpensive candles, or even perhaps some of those candles that were destined for the garage sale or trash.
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