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Building a Work Table using a Door and Closet Cubbies

My new work table))) This table was put together in around an hour and was made from two Closet Maid shelving pieces, a damaged wooden hollow core door and dry erase panels from Lowe's. Granted, this is a work table in the shop and I would have taken more pains with it if it was going in my home. But I needed a table to do projects on and also a space for photography. The Closet Maid shelving was the 9 cube size and the only thing I didn't really like about it was the back of the shelving had three pieces of white cardboard as backing for three of the cubbies and three were left open. I would have preferred something solid. But I just put in some colored fabric baskets that fit well. The hollow core door came from Lowe's in their damaged section and we got it for $10-11 dollars just because one of the corners had a little ding on it. My plan was to paint the door, but then I saw these dry erase panels I figured they would make a really nice surface to work on and also double as an area for photography. The first thing we did was glue the dry erase panels to the door. I had two use two of the dry erase panels and there is a seam on the top of the table, but for my purposes here I really didn't mind that. We used a general contractor glue (the kind that house builders use that you put in a glue gun). While the dry erase panels were drying, we put the shelving together. Once the shelves were together, the door was ready to place on top of the shelving. We glued that together too with the same contractor's glue. The Dry Erase panels adhered nicely to the door, but there was still a raw edge around the door. I figured I would just paint that, but ran across some patterned Duck Tape and just applied that instead. We mounted (we, meaning my husband))) an electrical outlet bar to the end of the table to for a handy place to plug in my hot glue gun, lights, etc. We purchased three of the Dry Erase Panels and a full size piece of peg board. They were the exact same width as the door, but one panel had to be cut. A full size panel was secured to the left side of the pegboard to serve as background for photography. So, now I have my work table.....if I can just get out of the warehouse long enough to start a project))) It's really hard to resist just stopping and making a wreath or two every now and then......when all those supplies are stacked in the back....any color of mesh you can imagine...sprays...picks.....ribbons........and I can't find the time to get to it!
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