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Building an Outdoor Kitchen - Part 4 Bull Natural Gas Burners

Building an Outdoor Kitchen - Part 4 Bull Natural Gas Burners

When building an outdoor kitchen, you won't always be cooking on the grill or smoker. Our Bull Drop-In Natural Gas Double Side Burner with Stainless Steel Lid - 6009 has probably been used more than the grill!

The Bull Double Burner is built in to the right of gas grill. It's made to drop into the countertop. When placing a drop in appliance like this, you need to consider how the burner will sit when the lid is raised. Make sure it has enough clearance to open fully. Our mason guy was not experienced with building an outdoor kitchen so he took every appliance out and measured every possible way to make sure everything fit and operated well. He did a great job! The Bull Double Burner is one of items were we were able to really save some money. The sale price right of the burner is $599 which includes free shipping from The BBQ Guys. The regular price is $729. But, the way to save BIG BUCKS is to check out their "Warehouse Deals." We shopped the Warehouse Deals and paid $225!! You have to look for the Warehouse Deals, it's not readily visible on their website, but scroll down and browse around. You will find it! Check the Warehouse Deals frequently. But if you see something you like, don't today and gone tomorrow. We missed a couple of things we wanted by dragging our feet. Warehouse Deals are products that have been on display, may open box, maybe dented or scratched. BBQ Guys gives excellent detail on products that are damaged along with images so you can see exactly what you are getting. The items we purchased from this section, were just as described. And they will tell you in the listing if the damage affects the operation or not. Back to the Bull Double Burner. Here's the damage on our double burner. The two knobs on the front had scratches underneath both knobs. But with the lid down, none of the scratches show. To me, a few scratches are well worth saving several dollars! Key Features:
  • Constructed of 304 stainless steel for durability
  • Two high-quality 15,000 BTU brass burners with independent controls
  • Porcelain cast iron grates offer excellent heat retention
  • Push and turn piezo ignition offers reliable operation
  • Includes removable stainless steel cover
Warranty Info: Bull cast brass burners carry a 20 year warranty. Stainless steel cooking grids and stainless steel frames and housings carry a lifetime warranty. Gas valves, painted frames, painted housings, painted carts, control panels, and ignitors carry a 1 year warranty. Summary We love these burners. That's just about the sum of it! They maintain such a steady temperature that I generally prefer frying food outside rather than in the kitchen on my gas stove. You know when you are cooking something like onion rings and have several batches to cook. By the time you get down to the last batch or two, the oil has gotten a bit burned and your onion rings don't turn out pretty and golden brown like the first couple of batches. Well, on this burner, that last batch turns out as pretty as the first! Don't know if it's because I wasn't having to constantly turn it up or turn it down. Maybe it was just me that day, but I'm giving credit to Bull! The hubby has cooked a good bit more on the burners than I have actually. He takes bacon or sausage out in the mornings and cooks it on the burner. It's really nice not to have that smell in the house all day.....not sure what the neighbors think about smelling bacon outside early in the morning))) The burners are handy too when you're grilling. Perfect too for large pots of stew or soup. What can I say....we love BBQ Guys and their products. Their customer service is first rate, they do what they say they will and their shipping has been top notch. Here's the link to the previous post about out outdoor kitchen. And stay tuned for Part 5 - storage doors, trash, and refrigerator Building an Outdoor Kitchen - Part 1 The Dimensions Building an Outdoor Kitchen - Part 2 The Primo Kamado Ceramic Grill Building an Outdoor Kitchen - Part 3 The Napolean Built In Natural Gas Grill Here's a little video too: *This post contains affiliate links which means if you click on them I may receive a small commission from the seller. It does not cost you anything, it's like an advertising fee that the seller pays. Thanks.
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