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Buffalo Check Ribbon Ideas

Buffalo Check Ribbon Ideas

Buffalo Check - We love it!

Nothing is quite so classic as simple black and white, or red and black.

Black and white is in style all year round and you'll see more red and black buffalo check in the fall and wintertime.

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Here are few ideas for incorporating some simple buffalo check items in your decorating.

Buffalo check ribbon used to tie around a simple basket. This bow really spruces up the arrangement! 

The basket is filled with artificial greenery and cotton boll sprays, but this is a perfect way to bring in some fresh greenery. Using fresh gives your home a great Christmasy smell too. 

You can also pop those Scentsicles you can get at Walmart for a fresh greenery smell. 

Here's another example of a bow around a basket with some red ribbon added in.

This is an example of making "loops and tails" from ribbon to use on your tree or in arrangements. You don't have to make a full bow to achieve the look. Takes less ribbon this way too!


Love the way this slip of ribbon is tied around a metal pail. The pail is filled with greenery and then the entire piece used as an ornament in the tree.

Again, just a simple knot around the top of the pail is sufficient. No bow tying skills needed!

This bow, has no loops at all! Just an assortment of ribbon strips with dove-tailed ends and a glitter ornament for the center.

Again, no bow tying skills needed! Just secure the strips with a chenille stem or piece of floral wire. The glitter ball could be removed and this collection of ribbon could be used all year long for a farmhouse theme.

Buffalo check isn't just for decorating! My outfit just blended in with the wall at market!!

Look who we ran into....Damon Oates with Deco Exchange. If you're interested in learning how to make beautiful wreaths and build a business check out his business page.

Black and white is great for all year long. This is a spring collection of ribbon that we saw for spring 2020.

A great way to use up scrap ribbon it to decorate packages. It's doesn't have to be an exact match! Pieces you use around the box, don't necessarily have to be in the main bow either.

So save those scraps! We have many items in stock (or on the way) with buffalo check details. There are too many to list them all, but here's a few.

buffalo icheck ball ornament, black white ball ornament
black white check poinsettia, buffalo check poinsettia
black white ibuffalo check, check ball garland, black white ball garland



To see more products in buffalo check, just use the search term "buffalo check" You will find items for decorating for all season from Spring to Winter.

Ribbons in black and white, ornaments, table top decorations, pumpkins, picks and sprays, poinsettias, mittens, skates, snowmen, package ornaments, placemats and table runners, mesh styles, signs, tree toppers, cone trees, and top hats.

If that search term doesn't find enough product for you, try using "black white" or "red black" Sometimes a listing might be called "checked" "plaid" or "plaid check" etc.

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