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Bread - the Symbol of Hope, Home and Hospitality

Our Daily Bread

by Grace Noll Crowell

An ancient rite, as old as life is old:

A woman baking bread above a flame.

Its value is far greater than pure gold,

It is ageless,timeless, and the simple name

Of bread is wholesome as the summer sun

That has lit and warmed the fields that men might eat:

It is as clean as are the winds that run

Their light-foot way across the waving wheat.

A loaf is only half a loaf unless

We share it, and unless we say

Our grace above it, asking God to bless

The bread that He has given day by day.

O women, handle flour as you should!

It is a thing God-given, priceless, good.

(Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook 1950)

loaf of french bread inge-glas of germany

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