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Boo! It's Halloween! Wreath Tutorial 2017

Boo! It's Halloween! Wreath Tutorial 2017

Boo! It's Halloween! Well, it's not quite Halloween yet....but it's never too early to start preparing for it. We love Halloween at Trendy Tree))) That could be one reason we have SO many Halloween decorations! This is a very easy to make wreath that Carrie and Rachel did this week in the shop. It's made using a ruffle technique with easy to attach sign and simple bow. Supplies: XX749538 24" Copper Metallic Work Wreath XB99510-21 10" Black White Striped Matte Mesh - 2 rolls XB98010-20 10" Purple Lime Orange Ombre Mesh MS702123 Purple Boo Sign (available in kit only) HH115699 Glitter Hand Spray - Set of 3 (sold out but other Halloween sprays would work) X712709-09 1.5" Orange Purple Stripe Ribbon (sold out) 497120 48 Light Cool White Battery Light Strand (sold out, but other styles available) Note: A limited number of kits will be available containing all the supplies. Some of the supplies will be available on the website as well. As the kits sell out and/or the individual supplies, we will leave the tutorial up since the basic instructions can be followed and other products chosen to achieve a similar look, or a different look all together. Update: Kit with all the supplies has sold out. No more kit will be available. Summary: Work Wreath: The 24" Copper Work Wreath measures 15" across the widest metal ring or 24" tip to tip. With the addition of mesh and other products you usually wind up with a finished wreath 24" or greater. You could use other colors of Work Wreaths for this project. Mesh: The first mesh Carrie and Rachel chose was a new for this year, black and white striped matte finish mesh. It's 10" in width and 10 yards in length. It's all Polypropylene. The stripes are a different pattern, like ladder stripes. You can tell more about the new strip pattern in the image below. This black and white stripe pattern is also available in a metallic finish along with the matte style. The second mesh they chose was a 10" ombre pattern with orange, purple and lime green foil. This pattern was chosen to add a little color and contrast to the black white mesh. Ruffles: To make the ruffles for this wreath, they cut the black white striped mesh into 30" lengths. It took almost two rolls of the black and white mesh to do this. We watched a video by Lori "Hard Working Mom" the other day and she made ruffles with 30" pieces rather than 10". The link is to her YouTube channel, she has some great tutorials there. Using one long piece of mesh instead of three short ones should reduce the raveling. All mesh ravels, and you will have to clip some strings at the end. It's best to clip strings rather than pull them or you will get a never-ending string to pull. To make a ruffle, just let the mesh roll up naturally, then smooth it out and starting at the center of the cut end (selvage edges to the sides), scrunch up through the middle, gathering it up. Hold it pinched in your hand. The ombre mesh was used for contrast, so they cut 20" lengths of it. This way you would only need one roll of the ombre. The ombre ruffle was made the same way. The ombre ruffle was stacked on top of the black white ruffle and both secured into a twist on the work wreath at the same time. You can go all the way around with the black white if you wish and then come back with the ombre ruffle, either way is fine. Sometimes it's easier to start on the outer ring of the work wreath when doing a ruffle technique. Work all the way around the wreath with a cluster of the two ruffles in each twist. For this wreath, the ruffles were the only things to be added to the twist, so you can close the twist with three or four turns when you secure the ruffle. If you add the black white ruffles first, and then come back to add the ombre ruffle, it's important to open the twist, keeping the first ruffle in place, lay the second ruffle down and re-secure the twist. Battery Lights: The battery light strand has 48 cool white lights on a black cord which is perfect for Halloween decorating. You can read more about the lights on the product page. They have all sorts of different settings, a timer and they are indoor/outdoor lights. The 48 light strand was just the right size for a 24" wreath. They were laid on top of the wreath and just secured here and there using the twists from the work wreath. The battery pack was secured to the back of the wreath using chenille stems, being careful to keep the on/off button where you could find it easily. With the timer function on these lights, you can just set it and leave it. It will burn for so many hours, turn off, and then turn back on the next day at the same time)). Boo Sign: The purple glittered boo sign is a chipboard sign and very lightweight. It has a ribbon hanger. It was just placed on the front of the wreath and secured with one of the twist ties. There are also little holes on each side of the sign and if you feel you would want it more secure, you could attach a piece of floral wire through those holes and add more security. Glitter Hands: The glitter hand spray is a set of three hands in different colors. The hands are a little top heavy for the stem, so they are fairly easy to break off from the stem. But for this project you really just want the hands. The hands were positioned on either side of the Boo sign and secured with the twist and for extra security and bit of floral wire. The glitter hands also have big black spiders on them too! Also, it's good to hang the wreath on the wall to get your placement of signs and hands. You might want to hang your sign at an angle to one side of the other, etc. Also if you find that when you hang it up, that the sign or hands feel loose, you can secure the extra using twists from the wreath around the fingers, or use a small piece of floral wire. Bow: The orange stripe ribbon was used to make a simple loop bow. The ribbon is 1.5" in width. Rachel used about 2 yards for the bow and then added another piece, about a yard length, for extra tails. The color of the ribbon really shows up much brighter than it does in the product image. The bow was secured with a chenille stem. The third of the glitter hands was also used in the bow. The stem was shortened and the hand was caught up in the bow with the chenille stem. The bow with the hand was secured to the bottom of the wreath. You could place your bow elsewhere, but we were trying not to cover up the boo sign.

Boo! It's Halloween! (just around the corner)

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