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boho styles products for your home decor

Boho Style Products

Are you looking to add a little boho style to your home? We have some products that will fit that bill just perfectly!

Boho Decor

A wooden bowl filled with dried pods and cones can be a beautiful and natural boho-style decorative element. The use of organic materials and earthy textures aligns with the bohemian aesthetic, which embraces a connection to nature.

wooden bowl filled with dried pods and cones


We have two versions of these natural dried pods and cones. Here's the other one:

dried pods and cone boho style

These natural fillers look great in a wooden bowl, basket, wood tray, or even glass vases and jars. So easy to add a little spot of boho to corner or tabletop.

Putka pods, also known as pumpkin pods or miniature pumpkins, are small, decorative fruit pods that resemble tiny pumpkins. They come in various shades of orange and green, and sometimes white. The ones we have in stock are orange and green.

putka pods


 Sometimes these little pods are used for crafting. I'm wondering how they would look as a center for a sunflower wreath. What do you think? They would be pretty scattered around a candle too.

Fall Tree

Have you ever decorated a fall tree? Take a look at this dried orange slice garland. I can see this used on a fall tree that can stay up right through Christmas. Add some cinnamon bundles tied in ribbon, pretty plaid or patterned fall ribbon....I NEED to do a fall tree!


dried orange slice garland 


If you would like to see more of the boho style products and learn more about boho decor in general, check out this blog post over on my personal blog. Just click the image. Boho Decor

 boho decor




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