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Black & White Christmas Decorations

Black & White Christmas Decorations

black and white christmas decor, christmas decoration, cedar garland When you want something simple, or classic.... black and white is the way to go. Black and white Christmas decorations were abundant at markets this past year and they carry right on over into spring markets. Today we'll show you some black and white decorating from the Trendy Tree retail store in Pontotoc, MS There's a short video at the end of the post.


Rachel and Carrie created this makeshift mantel using some wooden blocks and planks. The large lanterns you see on top are not available on the website or store, they are just there for showcasing the other products. black and white christmas decor, christmas mantel, christmas mantle The mantel decoration started with a RAZ Cedar Garland, evergreen picks and white faux snow. G3922680 RAZ Cedar Garland 23918 Douglas Fir Spray XA1227 Bag of Faux Snow The RAZ Cedar Garland is one of the most realistic garlands I've ever seen. For instance, you can't help but touch it to see if it's real. It's made of plastic and measures about 5.5' The Douglas Fir Spray is an evergreen pick with assorted types of greenery. For example is contains pinecone, Eucalyptus, berries and brown twig. Fresh looking greenery is a perfect background for black and white Christmas decorations. cedar garland, pinecone pick, eucalyptus The image above shows a closeup of the cedar garland and the Douglas fir pick. The different styles of green adds interest and texture to the mantel for example versus just using just one style of greenery. And this cedar garland isn't prickly! That's always a plus if you've worked with fresh cedar. While it does smell great, there is a downside in handling in and when it start drying out. The cedar garland from RAZ is what most would consider a premium product since it is more expensive than what you will find at discount stores. But, it's the type of product that you can use year after year time and time again. The Faux Snow is made of plastic and comes in a bag. You just pull on it to spread it out thinly. Next Rachel layered in some ribbon. faux snow, plastic snow,


The ribbons weaved in and out along the garland . Bows adorned the corners. The ribbons were a combination of black and white along with a little natural. One of the ribbons is listed as "black and white" but it's glittered on one side. So, one side looks gray and white and the other is black and white. The glittered has a shimmery. If you wanted more of the snowy look, for instance, the light beige with checked edge ribbon comes with a chenille edge. RGA137202 Black White Christmas Tree RGA1099X4 Light Beige Black White Checked Edge RW7618CF Black White Glitter Plaid The three ribbon styles were used to pull the black and white Christmas mantel together. The ribbon were entwined across the top of the mantel and simple loop bows made for the corners. Bow were also secured to the tops of the large lanterns. I couldn't get a good angle for a proper photo of the lantern toppers since they were tall and in the direct sunlight. The ribbons were used around empty boxes wrapped in Kraft paper as risers, as shown in the image below.


Again, the lanterns were just for window display, but note how the Douglas Fir picks and candles were used. The candles were elevated on risers which were just simply packages wrapped in Kraft paper. Pieces of ribbon were wrapped around the boxes and they make perfect risers! The natural color Kraft paper blends well with light beige and brings in a warmer look. For instance, softens the stark black and white Christmas decorations a bit. package rise, candle riser, kraft paper, kraft paper wrapping


3902375 RAZ Buffalo Check Package Ornament Set of 2 3525566 RAZ Lighted Candle Lantern Y6610 Tree Farm/Sleigh Ride Sign buffalo check, black white package ornament, black white christmas decorations The RAZ black and white buffalo check Christmas package ornament has a sprinkling of glitter, topped with a sprig of greenery and a bit of burlap ribbon for contrast. The package ornaments are sold in set of two and are two sizes. metal lanter, christmas lantern, candle lantern, mantel decoration, The RAZ Lantern ornaments are made of metal with tree cutouts. They come with a battery candle and are about 12" in ht and 3" in width. christmas tree farm, sleigh rides, chalkboard christmas sign, rustic christmas sign, mantel decoration, mantle decoration The chalkboard style signs hanging on the front of the display have a bit of wood trim, sprig of greenery and wire hanger. The signs are assorted and one says fresh Christmas tree farm and the other sleigh rides. The large red truck in the window is for display only but was filled with the faux snow and crisp white snowball ornaments. snowball ornament,



These are just a few of the items that we have in stock for a black and white Christmas theme. For instance, if you just search "black white" on the website the result will be over 400 products. There will be several pages to browse through. Another way to search for black and white decoration is "buffalo check" You can also search for RAZ black and white decoration using the term "Christmas in the Country." These are just some suggestions to help narrow your search. We have a lot of products to choose from and it can be overwhelming when you are searching for a particular thing. We're always glad to help if you reach out to us. We have a black and white decorated Christmas tree that will be showcased in another post coming out soon. If you're looking for a little Christmas tree inspiration from RAZ, here's a link to a post we put together with images and video: 2019 RAZ Christmas Trees Please leave us a comment if you enjoyed this inspiration for a black and white Christmas mantel! We love to hear from our readers. Let us know what style of Christmas decorations you're interested in.
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