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$129+ FREE SHIPPING U.S. Orders Only

Big Easter Bunny by Craig Bachman Imports

Huge Easter Bunny! Created by the talented folks at Craig Bachman Imports (home of Deco Poly Mesh®). This bunny is really large and created from 1/2 of a Work Ball - 10 rolls of white Deco Poly Mesh were used so you can get an idea of the size of this baby.

Big bunny!

There is a video you can watch to see how it was all put together. Click on the image below. We don't sell the Work Balls at Trendy Tree due to the size and the shipping cost, but we do have other Work products include the garlands and wreaths. Candy Canes Work forms will be arriving soon also.

You could modify this Bunny creation by making the body out of a white Work Wreath form and a smaller metal ring for the head, still use pieces of Work Garland to create the ears. They show you how to create the ears in the video. Bits of Glitzy Sticks were used for eyes and Glamour Rope for whiskers and mouth. A bit of burlap was used for the nose.

Happy Easter!

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