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Autumn Wreath with Mossy Owl Tutorial

Autumn Wreath with Mossy Owl Tutorial


Autumn Wreath with Mossy Owl Tutorial

Supplies XX167937 10" Metallic Lime Pencil Wreath RR700763 4" Multicolor Paper Ribbon QXB330110-38 10" Burlap Chocolate Jute Netting X411240-19 Orange Burlap Ivory Pumpkin Ribbon P4937 Medium Moss Owl RD106131 Bleached Wired Jute Roping Pencil Wreath The 10" Metallic Lime Green Pencil Wreath measures 10" in diameter. Once product is added, you finish up with a wreath of about 20" or so. Most any color of wreath could be used. Some prefer the twists to match as closely to the product as possible and others like a bit of contrast. You can always tuck the twists to the inside of the wreath to keep them from showing.
XX167937-metallic-lime-pencil-wreath-10-inch XX167937 10" Metallic Lime Pencil Wreath
Ribbons The 4" paper ribbon was cut in 15" strips. The ends were cut in a chevron fashion by folding the ribbon lengthwise and cutting at an angle on the folded side. This results in a chevron or fish-mouth type finish. You can also just do an angled cut.
RR700763-multi-moss-brown RR700763 Multicolored Moss Brown 4" Paper Ribbon
The moss brown ribbon is made of paper. It is 4" in width and 10 yards in length, it does not contain any wire, but has a nice stiff texture. Two layers of 15" ribbon strips were placed in each twist around the wreath. It doesn't matter if you start on the inside ring or outside. Just secure with a couple of twists because you are going to be adding more layers of product.
QXB330110-38-chocolate-burlap-net QXB330110-38 10" Chocolate Burlap Net Ribbon
The 10" Chocolate Burlap netting ribbon come with 5 yards to a roll. As you can see, the actual product is a good bit darker than this photo. It does contain wire on the outer edges and a couple of strands also in the middle. The Burlap netting was attached to one of the twist with about 3" tail at the starting point. Just open a twist, making sure the paper ribbon strips stay in place and lay the chocolate jute netting down on top of the ribbon strips. Measure approximately 11" and grasp the jute and attach in the next twist (opening and re-closing). It's important to always open your twist and then re-secure. If you just secure in the twist on top of the previous layers will be floating out to close to the surface of your wreath. The jute netting should be in a pouf fashion moving from one twist to the next going all the way around the wreath on the inner and outer ring. You don't want the poufs to be so tight that they flatten down your paper ribbon strips. This roll was enough to finish this wreath. The tail was pushed to the inside of the wreath and secure with a zip tie to keep it from popping out.
X411240-19-orange-burlap-ivory-pumpkin X411240-19 Orange Burlap Ivory Pumpkin Ribbon
The orange ivory pumpkin ribbon is 2.5" in width and 10 yards in length. We used the entire roll on this wreath. 15" ribbon strips were cut, ends tapered, ribbon pinched in the center and a strip placed in each twist around the wreath. Open the twist, lay the ribbon on top of the chocolate jute netting and re-secure. We made a bow with the remainder of the ribbon and secured it at the bottom of the wreath using a zip tie to the work wreath frame. Jute Roping
RD106131-jute-roping-bleached RD106131 Bleached Jute Roping
The jute roping is available in several colors but we chose this bleached color since it sort of matched the ivory in the pumpkin ribbon. It is wired, use wire cutters to cut it. It measures about 1/4" in diameter and roll contains 25' We had a good bit left over. We cut strips anywhere from 24" to 30" and curled the strips around a cardboard tube that came out of a 10" roll of mesh. Just slip the curled roping of, grasp in the center and attach in each twist around the wreath. Be sure to open your twist and lay the roping down on top of the last layer (the pumpkin ribbon). Now you're ready to secure the twists this time with 3-4 turns. If you don't want your twists to show on your wreath, you can tuck them to the inside now. Mossy Owl
P4937-medium-mossy-owl-set-2 P4927 Medium Mossy Owl Set of 2
The mossy owl was secured in the center of the wreath with a zip tie around the foot and around the work wreath frame. Some items might have to be secured in more than one place, it just depends on the item and where you plan to use the wreath. The Mossy Owls are available in three different sizes - small -medium - and large. We used the medium standing owl on this wreath. They are very lightweight and perfect additions to wreaths or centerpieces. Clean Up Turn the wreath over, check the back for wires or anything sticking out that would scratch the wall or door. Snip off any loose strings, fluff the bows and ribbons. You can use this method with any number of products. This was our first time to just use 4" ribbon to cover a wreath and it worked out quite well! autumn-wreath-moss-owl autumn-wreath-without-owl

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