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Autumn Centerpiece Made from Scraps

Autumn Centerpiece Made from Scraps

autumn-centerpiece Just wanted to share this centerpiece that I made in about 15 minutes using scraps from our craft table. So many times we left leftover pieces of mesh and ribbon that aren't long enough to do another project with, so we went to the craft table and gathered up anything that was a fall color.
xx747827-table-piece-white XX747827 Tablepiece White
We started with this White Pencil Tablepiece. The Tablepiece is a football shaped piece that has a flat back. It's hard to tell in the photo but the center is raised about three inches. We started out covering the table piece using the ruffle technique with scraps of paper mesh and deco poly mesh. Strips were cut into 10" lengths, gathered up through the center to make a ruffle and attached in the twist. When you first start going around the tablepiece you thing this is never going to cover. But just keep adding layers of ruffles until you don't see the frame any more. We also added some of yellow cottonwindow pane using the curl technique. After that, we just added ribbon strips in fall colors and some pieces of autumn sprays that had been dismantled from previous projects.
fr628184-pumpkin-gourd FR628184 Pumpkin Gourd Spray
The last thing we added which is one of my favorites, is a wired Poly Twig Vine Garland. This vine garland comes in two different colors - moss and brown. We had some short pieces left over from another wreath and we just attached it as a final layer to the tablepiece.
PF149699-poly-twig-garland-brown PF149699 Poly Twig Vine Garland
I think I'll use this for my Thanksgiving centerpiece. May add some battery tapers that I can wiggle down through the center of tablepiece. I love making something out of nothing! Well....did have to start with the Pencil Tablepiece))) autumn-centerpiece-2 video-blue
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