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Annieglass for Mother's Day Gifts

Annieglass for Mother's Day Gifts

Annieglass is the perfect Mother's Day gift. At City Mercantile, we have beautiful pieces of handcrafted, made in the USA, glassware that she can use every day and set a beautiful table. It's dishwasher safe! However, the cake plate should be hand-washed. Other pieces can be safely placed in the dishwasher. Personally, I would probably hand wash mine anyway. One thing that made an impression on me by my mom, was the presentation of food. Food should not only taste great but it should look good t0o. Annieglass isn't just for holidays. When you have something as beautiful as a piece of Annieglass, use it often and enjoy it.

City Mercantile

City Mercantile is a gift shop located right next door to the Trendy Tree retail store in downtown Pontotoc. Carrie purchased it a few weeks ago and now you can shop in two places with Trendy Tree! Visit the Trendy Tree store for fresh flowers, custom floral arrangements, ribbon, seasonal decorations. You can even get balloon decorations scheduled for your event. City Mercantile has gifts perfect for all occasions and with Mother's Day, Graduation and Father's Day coming up, we have you covered!

How to Shop

If you're in downtown Pontotoc, we're right around the corner of Main Street and West Marion. But if you can't visit us personally, you can shop online the City Mercantile website: City Mercantile


Annieglass is handcrafted right in the USA.You can find Annieglass in many exclusive department stores and boutiques. Some of the grandest hotels use Anniglass for fine dining. Here are a few pieces at City Mercantile for you to browse.

To See More

Drop by City Mercantile and we'll be happy to show you all the pieces of Annieglass we have in stock. Or, visit the City Mercantile website. annieglass, cake plate, mother's day gift If you have any questions, please leave us a comment. We'll do our best to assist you in any way.
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