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Alternate Centers for Flower Wreaths

Alternate Centers for Flower Wreaths

yellow-paper-flower-moss-center-side-trendytree Recently we did an updated video and post demonstrating how to make the Sunflower wreath from Paper Mesh using Nicole D Creation instructions for the paper mesh center. Click here for that post and video. Today, we want to share with you two other types of centers that you can use for this same Sunflower wreath, or other paper mesh flower wreaths and flower wreaths made out of Deco Poly Mesh. deco-mesh-flower-tinsel-tubing-center-side-trendytree This image is a flower wreath made from white wide foil Deco Poly Mesh, green metallic mesh for leaves and the center is made of Tinsel Flex Tubing in purple/black. yellow-paper-flower-chocolate-jute-tubing-trendytree This image shows the same technique, but using Chocolate Brown Jute Flex Tubing on the paper mesh Sunflower Wreath. Step #1 plastic-mesh-trendytree We took a square of plastic canvas mesh purchased at WalMart. This plastic canvas comes in round pieces which would eliminate a step of cutting, but just wasn't available to us at this time. Measure across the center of your Work Wreath. We were using a 10" Pencil Wreath for this project and the center measures 7" in diameter. We cut the mesh into a 6" circle because the loops will hang out over the sides and should still be big enough to cover the center. This size will depend on how you make your wreath, the products you use, etc. We cut our first one 7" and it seemed a little too large, so we re-grouped and made it 6" for this particular wreath we were working on. flower-center-cut-plastic-mesh-trendytree
RE366131-jute-flex-tubing-chocolate-brown Jute Flex Tubing
We used Chocolate Jute Tubing for this center. It comes in bags of 30 yards and measures 8mm. We used most of the Jute Tubing for this center but did have a few yards left over. Jute Flex Tubing comes in several colors and also we have Faux Jute Tubing which would probably be a little easier to work with. It looks the same, but is a little bit lighter weight. Both the Jute Tubing and the Faux Jute Tubing some in several different solid colors and combination colors. We made a small cluster of loops by holding the jute tubing about 1.5" from the end and made several loops about 1.25". We started out by making clusters of about 8 loops, but I think we could have made them smaller with less loops. It will just all depend on the product you use. RE354045-tinsel-flex-tubing-goldSome products will take less to give good coverage of your plastic canvas versus others. The Tinsel Tubing I think gives better coverage because it has little hairy like pieces of tinsel sticking out of it. Tinsel Tubing comes in bags of 20 yards. Tinsel tubing comes in several different solid colors and combination colors. Lots of choices! I chose the Chocolate Jute Flex Tubing because it doesn't have any foil in it and I wanted just a plain brown for my center. Tinsel Tubing is easier to work with. flower-center-thread-zip-tie-from-bottom-trendytree Thread a slender zip tie (or cable tie they may be called) up through one of the little squares from the underneath side. Let the end go up and over your cluster and thread the tip back down through the canvas mesh in a square next to where you came up through the canvas. Secure from the back. flower-center-snip-ties-trendytree Snip off the long ends of the ties. We started in the center with our clusters and worked outward. Not sure which would be easier at this point, it might be more uniform to start on the outside and work in to the center. We'll just have to keep making more of them to see))) Practice practice practice! Once you have your mesh canvas covered, look for bare spots and fill in with another cluster. flower-center-finished-loops-trendytree flower-center-back-side-plastic-mesh-trendytree Here's a back view of our mesh. Clusters were spaced about an inch or greater apart. Doesn't look so evenly spaced does it! flower-center-purple-black-tinsel-tubing-trendytree This is a center made with the Tinsel Flex Tubing. flower-center-fewer-clusters-tinsel-tubing-trendytree It didn't seem to take as many clusters using the Tinsel Flex Tubing.....the Tinsel Flex Tubing was my first attempt and I could have made the clusters a little larger too.....that could have made a difference. After you have completed your flower wreath, position your center and secure it to the 4 straight posts on your work wreath. It will be easier to attach working from the underneath size. You can attach with chenille stems or zip ties. You might want to use chenille stems until you are satisfied with your positioning, coverage, etc. Next we made a center using Moss Cloth. flower-center-moss-cloth-trendytree Moss Cloth comes in a 2 sq ft piece folded. It has a paper backing. flower-center-cut-moss-cloth-trendytree Cut a piece of the plastic canvas 7". The reason we cut this piece 7" was because the Moss Cloth will be a much closer fit, and won't have excess hanging off the sides. Cut the Moss Cloth about 1/2" to 3/4" wider than the plastic mesh. flower-center-hot-glue-edge-trendytree Run some hot glue around the edge of the plastic canvas and fold the Moss Cloth over the edges sealing with the hot glue. Hindsight: Remove the paper backing from the Moss Cloth. It will just peel off, it may be crumbly, but the Moss Cloth has a sort of mesh mat under the paper. It covered okay with the paper left off, but I had a couple of places where the paper separated from the Moss Cloth and I had to touch it up with a little more hot glue. flower-center-moss-cloth-press-edges-trendytree yellow-paper-flower-moss-grass-center-2-trendytree To attach the Moss Cloth center to the Work Wreath frame, run a generous amount of hot glue around the edge, underneath side and glue directly to the center of the wreath, to the Work Wreath Frame. Or, you can run a tiny piece of floral wire up through the Moss Cloth center in 4 places or so and attach the wire to the Work Wreath Frame, this might be the safest long term way to secure and also a good way if you are like us and take your wreaths apart, re-purpose, etc. Happy Wreathing! subscribe-trendy-tree-channel
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