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Ideas for Creating Mesh Wreaths

If you would like to create a mesh wreath, but just think you can't come up with the right colors, embellishments, etc.......just do a search in Google! Select "Images" and put in "mesh wreath" in the search work wreath yellow block. You will be amazed at the beautiful creations people come with! Many many people are into wreath making and you can purchase one ready-made in hundreds of places on the net. But, if you want the satisfaction and savings from creating you own.....give it a try! With mesh netting and Work Wreaths, you can start your wreath, take it apart, start over, and keep trying until you get it to your satisfaction. Try it! Do a search. If you find a photo of a wreath you would like to try, send me a copy of the photo and sunshine yellow  mesh netting poly deco geo meshI'll try to help you figure out the materials you need or items you can substitute with. Start simple. I just did a search and one of the most outstanding, simple wreaths was one just made of yellow mesh - one color - nothing else and a swag of golden yellow sunflowers with green leaves worked in on one side. I'm going to do this one for myself! Perfect wreath for my back porch all summer long. Or I might put a branch of Magnolia leaves and bloom.....Magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi......or a branch of's like being in a candy store.....I want one of everything! I better get busy!
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