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2018 Fuchsia Flower Wreath Tutorial

2018 Fuchsia Flower Wreath Tutorial


Flower Wreath Tutorial

This is a tutorial that we did on Facebook making a fuchsia flower wreath. The supplies for this wreath were available in a kit which has now sold out.

You can still choose fabric mesh in other colors to make this wreath. 

5/1/18 Update: All the kits have sold out at this time. 

We will leave the tutorial up even after some or all the kits are sold out, since you can still make this wreath using other materials. 

If you are interested in the cutting tool we mentioned in the video here are our Amazon links:

Omnigrid Self-Healing Cutting Mat

60mm Fiskars Rotary Stick Cutter

Fuchsia Kit:

XX750360 24” Evergreen Pencil Wreath – 1

XX167822 10” Pink Pencil Wreath – 1

XB97910-28 10” Fuchsia Fabric Mesh – 1

XB97910-09 10” Lime Fabric Mesh – 1

Yellow Flower Center - 1

Daffodil Kit:

XX750360 24” Evergreen Pencil Wreath – 1

XX167829 10” Yellow Pencil Wreath – 1

XB97910-22 10” Daffodil Fabric Mesh – 1

XB97910-09 10” Lime Fabric Mesh – 1

Brown Flower Center - 1

Orange Kit:

XX750360 24” Evergreen Pencil Wreath – 1

XX167820 10” Orange Pencil Wreath – 1

XB97910-19 10” Orange Fabric Mesh – 1

XB97910-09 10” Lime Fabric Mesh – 1

Green Flower Center - 1

Red Kit:

XX750360 24” Evergreen Pencil Wreath – 1

XX167824 10” Red Pencil Wreath – 1

XB97910-12 10” Red Fabric Mesh – 1

XB97910-09 10” Lime Fabric Mesh – 1

Green Flower Center - 1

Wreath Forms:

We used a 24" evergreen pencil wreath for the first portion of the tutorial. We did a stacked version using two wreath forms and it helps if you go ahead and put the two wreaths together before you start.

All four of the kits will contain a green 24" wreath and a different color 10" wreath based on the flower color. The fuchsia flower has a pink 10" wreath. The 10" wreath was stacked on top of the 24" wreath and secure with four zip ties.

Lime Mesh:

Lime Fabric Mesh was used to make the leaves for this project and each kit will contain lime for the leaves.

The fabric mesh is a combination produce made of Polyester and Polypropylene. This gives it a great texture and I believe it seems to unravel less.

The mesh comes 10" in width on a 10 yard roll.

We cut pieces of the mesh 10" in length. There are 18 twists usually on a 24" wreath and we planned to put two leaves in each twist. This would require 36 pieces so we cut the whole roll. If your roll doesn't come out quite like that, it will not show if you have to have a twist or two with only one leaf.

To make the leaf (or petal, they are both made the same way), let the piece of 10" x 10" mesh roll up on the counter naturally. Flip the mesh over and take one corner to the center, and then the opposing corner to the center, they can lap a bit. Then pinch this together, flip it over so your edges will be on the underneath side and secure in one of your twist.

We started on the outer ring first. Secure the leaf and push the tips toward the outside. You want them to sort of form a "V." Continue making the leaves and secure two leaves in each twist. To secure the second leaf, open up the twist and lay the second leave on top of the first and re-secure the twist with 3-4 turns.

You can tuck the tips of the twists to the inside of the wreath to get them out of the way. Continue working around the outer ring, then move to the inner ring and continue to add to leaves to each twist.

You will have some strings to cut, you can do this at the end if you like. It helps to clip strings rather than pull.

Fuchsia, Daffodil, Red or Orange Fabric Mesh:

Regardless of which color wreath you are making, the directions are all the same. The petals made from the fuchsia mesh in the video were cut 10" in length, and made the same way as the lime.

We applied two fuchsia petals to each twist of the 10" pencil wreath. The 10" pencil wreath only has 12" twists, so you have some mesh left over, but we also used several pieces to fill in any gaps in the center.

To secure these extra pieces of petals, just take a half of a chenille stem, or floral wire and slip over the top of the petal. Place the petal where you want it and reach from the back and secure the chenille stem over the wreath frame. We filled in with about four or more petals around the center.

Flower Center:

The flower center is a new product at Trendy Tree and right now, the only centers we have will be included in the kits. The centers are different colors for each kit.

The Fuchsia center is yellow; daffodil is brown; orange is green and red is green. We have just created the one fuchsia tutorial, but each kit could be made the same way.

The flower center fills the center of the 10" wreath. It's made of Styrofoam and has a grassy coating. You can insert something like a shortened floral pick into the side of the Styrofoam (use a touch of hot glue, but not much) to hold the floral pick in place. Then just secure the floral center to the pencil wreath frame.

For the tutorial we just secured in a couple of places but you could put as many as you felt it needed. If you don't have a floral pick, you could also just make a small hole in the side and use a folded chenille stem, use a little hot glue and let that dry.


Once your wreath is finished, you can make a hanger with chenille stems or zip ties. Clip all your strings instead of pulling and if you see any gaps you probably still have enough mesh to create another petal.

If necessary if you need to cover up a chenille stem that shows, you can always pinch the fabric mesh together to secure it with a little hot glue as needed.

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