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2017 Grapevine with Ladybug Wreath Tutorial

2017 Grapevine with Ladybug Wreath Tutorial

Carrie and Rachel got together and made this gorgeous grapevine wreath that will work from now until you put up your Halloween wreath! It's made on a large round grapevine with daisies, gypsum, assorted ribbons and the large ladybug. Supplies Large Round Grapevine grapevine wreath MB9738 Glitter Ladybug FN155120 Orange Daisy Bush FN155170 Cream Daisy Bush SG780028 Ficus SB55673 Orange Double Gypsum Bush Q617140-15 2.5" Ladybug Ribbon RG1647W1 2.5" Rust Mustard Orange Stripe Ribbon X550740-15 2.5" Cream Ribbon Summary The Styrofoam ladybug was prepared by inserted the end of a floral pick into the ladybug's back. A bit of hot glue was applied. Three of the orange daisies and two of the white were used. The blooms were snipped from the bush and hot glue applied to the end. The daisies were secure with extra floral wire also. There were 5 blooms on each bush, so there is enough to make another wreath using the remainders. The ficus branches come 12 to a bag, so there were several left over that could be used on other projects. The branch was cut into two pieces and several pieces placed round as filler. These too were dipped in hot glue and secured with floral wire.

The "hot glue" pan was actually an inexpensive electric skillet and glue chips melted. When we finish a project, we just turn it off, put the lid on it and reheat the glue on the next project. Here a link to the glue chips we use in ours. Hot Melt Glue Chips

After the ficus was inserted, the orange gypsum branches were separated and used for filler. Individual twigs were secured with floral wire. The ladybug was secured to the wreath using wire on the floral pick and also extra hot glue in areas where the ladybug touched the wreath directly. Also a small piece of floral wire was used around the antennae to provide extra security. A bow was made using three 2.5" ribbons in a "shoestring" fashion. Center was wired with floral wire and secure to the wreath. The three ribbons were cut in 36" lengths to make the bow. A extra strip of each ribbon was cut in 20" length. One end of ribbons were pinched and secured with floral wire, and attached to the lower portion of the wreath. Ends of ribbons were finished off with a chevron or angled cut. A wreath hanger was made using a chenille stem. If you wish to re-use your grapevine wreath for another holiday or season, just attach all the pieces using wire. That way you can just snip them off and start over with another project.

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