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2017 Gold & Silver Christmas Tree Inspiration

2017 Gold & Silver Christmas Tree Inspiration

Rachel browsed through our nine-year collection of RAZ Christmas tree images and chose a couple to use as inspiration for this next project.

RAZ 2016 Silver Sage Tree

RAZ 2015 Enchanted Holiday Elegant

To see our stunning collection of RAZ decorated Christmas tree, just view the category: RAZ Trees When we first started posting the decorated RAZ trees for inspiration, we were undecided about whether to take off the previous year's tree when we added the new ones. I'm so glad we decided not to delete these! You can't imagine how many times we refer back to them for decorating ideas. Even wreath project ideas. The RAZ designers have such good tastes and decorating skills, we keep the images around for projects just like today! Rachel and Carrie set up one of the Christmas trees that we sell on Trendy Tree for this demonstration. Please forgive the setting. Trees look so much better decorated in the home setting....but when you have a warehouse jam packed with decor, it's much easier to haul things to the craft room than take it home to decorate in a real setting. The lighting isn't great in the craft room either and we had to move our lights out of the way to make room for the tree.... When Carrie decorates her house this year, we'll do another tutorial, maybe a Facebook Live while she and Rachel decorate her home. The tree they set up was a 7.5" English Spruce and the base width is about 69" It is pre-lit with 1,000 clear lights and on a stationary stand. And it's on sale right now for half price! I won't try to give you a step by step of what Rachel did to decorate the tree, it's mainly so you can see the different items used. It helps so much to see products in someone's hands so you get a better representation of size and proportion of a product. Also, she only decorated the front and sides of the tree, so the number of items she used would vary from this tree to yours. The height of the tree and the diameter of the base makes a huge difference in the number of items you need to decorate a specific tree. Your personal decorating style, size of ornaments and sprays, the way you drape garland....all make a difference in the number of items you might need. My best advice is to buy more than you think you will need. You can always use any extra items throughout your home in other arrangements. Items Used on the Tree:

F3502294 RAZ Champagne Gold Pod Spray

F3506737 RAZ Silver Pod Spray

F3502289 RAZ Gold Tiffany Poinsettia

F3526003 RAZ Gold Acanthus Leaf Spray Set of 2

F3417613 RAZ White Snowy Branch

F3317291 RAZ Snowy Pine Ball Spray

3519053 RAZ 8" Snowflake Drop Ornament Set of 2

3517105 RAZ 6" Church Metal Disk Ornament

3522821 RAZ 6" Silver Snowflake Ornament

XN4802 6" White Glittered Snowball Ornament

XN7210 4" Snow Moss Ball

XN9576 13.5" White Glittered Leaf Pattern Finial

G3626011 RAZ Gold Tinsel Garland

RZ0540 2.5" Silver Heavy Glitter Ribbon

C1740376 2.5" Gold Silver Metallic Stripe

Again, we apologize for the drab setting for decorating our tree...but sometimes you just have to go with the flow! We had to move the break table into the office to make way for the tree))) Hope you enjoyed these decorating ideas and we plan to leave the bare tree up so we can re-decorate it again with another them. Would love to hear from our viewers! What would you like next? Classic traditional theme? Nature? Whimsy with Elves? Just let us know! Save
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