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New Spring Products are being added now!!!
New Spring Products are being added now!!!
2017 Autumn Wreath with Bees Tutorial

2017 Autumn Wreath with Bees Tutorial

It's close to the middle of July, but we're ready for fall! I'll admit it, fall is my favorite time of the year so I'm always eager to get started on fall decorations. This wreath is one that we have put together using simple techniques that anyone can master. Supplies

XX7504W4 24" Burlap Pencil Wreath (other colors can be used)

XPR13103 Beaded Garland

TDA74528 Grungy Bees Set of 2 (SOLD OUT)

F16088 Assorted Sunflower Vase (not available on website, will be in kit only)

RE100035 21" Gold/Brown two-tone Deco Poly Mesh

RE130161 10" Burgundy with Red Foil Deco Poly Mesh

RG01090 1.5" Fall Plaid Ribbon

RG01175N7 2.5" Sunflower Ribbon

A kit containing the above supplies will be available while supplies last. Click below to purchase kit.

Autumn Wreath with Bees Kit SOLD OUT

Please note, that other colors of wreath forms can be substituted along with mesh or ribbons once the above supplies have sold out. The video and tutorial will be left up since the basic instructions can be followed and just substitutions made. The garlandm sunflower vases and grungy bees are sold out and no more will be available. If you click on one of the supply links and get a "dead page" it will mean the item has sold out and not being re-stocked. Summary: 24" Burlap Pencil Wreath - measures 12" across center ring, 15" across outer ring. Yields a finished wreath of 24" in width or greater. 21" Mesh used for pouf technique. Poufs were made 12" in length. You can make your poufs anywhere from 10" to 14" just whichever you prefer. 10" Mesh used for contrasting color. 10" x 10" pieces cut and gathered in center for ruffles. Two ruffles were placed into each twist. It's import to un-do a twist, keep the pouf in place and lay the two ruffles down, re-close the twist with a couple of turns. You could do curls instead of ruffles also. We use a Rotary Cutter for cutting mesh.

The mat on our table is a self-healing mat. This is one of the larger ones at 24" x 36" It has measurements on it and is reversible. Here's our affiliate link:

Beaded Garland - Garland was secured to the middle ring of the wreath using zip ties placed every 6-8". The entire garland was used. Ribbon Strips: 12" Ribbon strips were cut from the 2.5" and 1.5" ribbons. The ends of the ribbon strips were finished with a chevron cut, or you can just angle a cut. Stack the 1.5" on top of the 2.5" ribbon and pinch in the center. Open up the twist again, making sure previous components stay in place and lay the ribbon cluster down. Close the twist this time, with three or four turns. If you don't want the twist to show, you can tuck them to the inside. Flower Vase: The flower vase is a wooden vase with a floral stem bent and placed inside. To keep the floral stem in the vase, without adding any Styrofoam or hot glue, just secure the stem and vase with a zip tie, all at one time, to the metal ring of the wreath frame. You may want to secure in more than one place if needed, we just used one for the tutorial. If you purchase the supply kit, the flower vases are assorted. One has a more reddish sunflower and the other a yellow. The flower vase available will be shipped. Bow: A 12" bow was made using the remainder of the sunflower ribbon. You can make a simple loop bow or make one like Carrie did using the Bowdabra. The Bowdabra can be purchased from Amazon. Browse through our tutorials to see more bow tutorials.

Grungy Bees: Bees come as a set of two. They are made of cloth and are GRUNGY. Expect to see trashy debris in the bag. They are made this way))) Insert a small floral wire through the back of the bees and attach directly to the wreath frame. It helps to hang the wreath on the wall to determine placement of your floral vase and bees. Final Step: Check the back of your wreath for any sharp edges that might scratch your door or wall. Tuck anything sharp to the inside or cover with tape. Snip loose strings and you will have some. All mesh ravels and the more cuts you have and the more you handle it - the more raveling. Clip strings rather than pulling. Check your garland and pull the twigs out more where they will show. Fluff your ribbons. Make a hanger for your wreath using two zip ties (just put two large zip ties together and make a loop on the back of the wreath). To keep the loop from sliding around you can add two more zip ties to hold it in place. View Quick Tip Video - Make a Wreath Hanger Finished wreath measured about 27-28" in width. Happy Fall Y'all! (Post contains affiliate links) Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save
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