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RAZ 2013 Halloween Mantel Decoration



Another stunning Halloween mantel idea from RAZ Imports! This collection of items contains some new and previous items from RAZ so you may have some of these stored away in your closet.

This is the great part about RAZ sharing creative decorating ideas……you may not have the exact thing show in the display….but you can re-create the effect with some similar.

The Umbrella Witches are new for 2013 and quite large at 52″ in length, but they do come in a closed position and the legs may be bent for shipping.


Whimsical glittered Umbrella Witch in a black or purple style. Witch skirt with skinny witch legs dangling. Quite a decoration!


The new styles of Spell Books are just gorgeous! Made of the same fine quality resin as the previous books which are still wildly popular. These new book are in shades of brown and have a Harry Potter look with the eyeball……you may want to sign up to be notified when these arrive because we know from experience….they won’t last long)))


If you love (or hate) spiders…..these books are for you! The Arachnids Books. They will sell in a set of two and blend well with the new eyeball book….or the previous versions of the black books.

We have several customers who collect each new spell book that comes out. Most of the time youWitch's Spell book have to say, that Christmas decorations are not really collectible, but the Spell Books from RAZ are just something that you can use time and time again.

We’ll have enough variety in Spell Books to fill a whole bookcase!

With these two new styles……this will give us SIX styles of Spell Books from RAZ. Some are open face and come in an assortment of two or three books, and two styles similar to the one on the right. Some are in stock now and the new Eyeball and Spider style will be arriving this summer.

Love the way they have the string lights just sort of draped across the top and the fire effect that the orange gives off in the fire place.


The string lights were very popular also last year and we ordered even more lengths this year…..we’ll have the 5′ 9′ and 20′ as shown above. You’ll be able to purchase them in either purple or orange.  We’ll also have some clear in several lengths and red will be new for new for this year.

We didn’t stock the lanterns shown on the mantel but these are fairly easy to find and you can just use real lanterns instead of a decorative one. Battery powered candles make for a really safe display especially when using the clumps of Spanish Moss. We have several different sizes of the cream color candles in stock…..and some beautiful candle strands on times that would yield the same effect and much less trouble)))





The smaller Witch Hats with Legs will be available at Trendy Tree and also arriving this summer. They can be purchased individually by color. Love the bit of bling added to the witch boots.

raz whimsical halloween lighted witch hat

Whimsical Lighted Witch Hats

The set of three Lighted Witch Hats are brought back again this year an we’re very glad….because they are one of our best sellers. They are whimsical and make a great center point for a display. They are lighted and can be connected or used separately.

We didn’t stock the glittered pumpkin in the bottom right corner of the display, but you could use your real Jack O’Lanterns here for the same effect.

Spanish Moss….you can pick up at craft stores or even Wal Mart. And if you don’t have a fireplace mantel…..you can set this up on the top of a dresser….sofa table…dining buffet….lots of possibilities to re-create this look by the RAZ designers……thank you RAZ for sharing this great idea)))

Here’s a neat link to show you how RAZ put the creation together: Click Here