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Firecrackers for Memorial Day


raz firecracker decorationThese RAZ Firecracker Fourth of July decorations are perfect for Memorial day also. Since our stock was running low, Maggie and I decided to make our own firecracker decorations for Memorial Day. Last year Maggie and AJ made a beautiful banner for the back porch with stars and stripes. This year we’ll put it back up and add the firecracker decorations.

We started with just a few simple items ….emptied out some Pringles cans which Maggie says was the best part)) We needed another size and the cans that the tubbies of drink mix comes in was  perfect.

The only thing we really had to buy was an inexpensive pack of patriotic banners at the Dollar Tree. The foil colors were perfect for our project. Glue sticks were in the craft box and scissors. We cut out pieces of the banner to fit around the cans and just applied with glue stick, trimming off any excess.

raz red silver blue glittered star sprayraz silver red blue star sprayThe cans were filled about half way with rocks just to give some weight. Small bows were made out of Deco Poly Flex Tubing. red poly deco flex tubingA small hole was punched in the plastic lid and the end of the bow threaded through. This was just enough tension to hold the bow just fine. The star sprays and picks were poked through the hole.

We also used some RAZ Red Glittered Ball Spray. We just played with the foil coverings and added white/silver Flex Tubing, red metallic ribbon….just pieces of anything we had in the red, white, blue colors.

I think our firecrackers turned out just fine. Next we’re going to make a white Deco Poly Mesh wreath with red, white, blue accents and maybe some American Flags.

Happy Memorial Day!


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